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  1. That would really give the "new" Defender a good hiding in terms of salesif it goes ahead...LR have lost their bottle with regards to design...
  2. Garbage workwise...LR long since lost their way against the likes of Mitsubishi, Toyota etc..undoubtedly will sell to the school run Mums though but they will soon lose interest...
  3. Still too early with the 500 id say..
  4. This year i may invest in a electric conveyor..not mega money and saves hand balling👍
  5. Once did security there years back so free entry😃😎😎👍👍👍
  6. Have relatives in Bratton Fleming..with those hills you NEED an auto box..😎
  7. If not its not long since they stopped making them, id sooner one of those than a slightly beefed up van..
  8. From what you describe id say a Shogun commercial...its bigger inside than most small vans, tows 3.5 easily and will still go PROPERLY off road..the closest i can imagine to what you describe.
  9. Only ever had Landys for work, first was a 90, now on my 2nd 130 tipper. Mine have always been reliable.
  10. I've chosen never to employ anyone but my history with most subbys isnt much better. I hate to be ageist but those say under 30 nowadays seem not to have a clue!!! Not all but definitely a majority of them...
  11. Jesus Christ!!! Think again!! Unless you fancy dropping yourself into a pit of debt for training...kit...etc then every customer asks how cheap can you do the work for?! This industry is MASSIVELY under-valued and over saturated with every Charlie chainsaw...😞
  12. I may try some of the Englebert Strauss Type A's..my SIP Progress feel like Type C's in warm weather...
  13. Get a proper case you tight bugger🤣😘


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