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  1. pie eater pete

    Non paying customer

    I've found thishappening more and more frequently...i perhaps used to get one like this every few months now these sorts are commonplace..absolute pain in the arse...just causing stress for no good reason
  2. pie eater pete

    Toyota Rav 4?

    Shogun. Easy.
  3. pie eater pete

    Available to work North West.

    Just tomorrow free now. Thanks.
  4. pie eater pete

    Available to work North West.

    Based in Clitheroe but willing to travel within reason. Tickets to 39. Chipper, tipper and tractor also available. Pete.
  5. pie eater pete

    Ported Echo 2511.

    Go down fighting!!🤣
  6. pie eater pete

    When do you really upgrade your chipper?

    Nope i know what you mean and your right i just know a couple of lads who were tempted by Mogs then ended up outta pocket 😭
  7. pie eater pete

    When do you really upgrade your chipper?

    I run a Tw125 and have been looking at some 8 inch machines to reduce snedding/faffing..i only chip into a 130 but have plenty chip drops and area is very rural. Afraid iv heard too many horror stories regarding Mogs and such repairs..etc
  8. pie eater pete

    Do you even lift bro?

    Started back myself today Paul, about 3 years away, used to go religiously 👍
  9. pie eater pete

    Petzl Zigzag

    Are the links beefed up yet again over the Mk.3?
  10. pie eater pete

    Decent spiking boots

    Matty i was waiting for that pic to come off Insta?😂 Have u had your freebies yet? The new Andrews is pants i must admit, much more clompy yet cheaper feeling if that makes any sense? At a risk of the PPE police getting me i tend to regularly climb in Scarpas now...
  11. pie eater pete

    Sun rise photos

    Clitheroe last month
  12. pie eater pete

    Poorly Horse Chestnut Tree

    I would recommend Cromwell Forestry in your area. Pete
  13. pie eater pete

    Work for wood

    Why would i do it for the wood?! Iv plenty laid about that i was paid to remove...sounds like he needs a hobby cutter but whether those sorts have the skills or insurance if something goes wrong...🤔
  14. pie eater pete

    Google Adwords!

    AdWords has had it's day i would say...i originally used it around 2012/13 but with the amount of companies about now you will need a big budget...which is then open to abuse. Your best bet is to focus on your SEO optimisation.


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