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  1. No im sure it began with an s, sorry i have a memory like a goldfish😆
  2. I speak from experience Steve🤣👍
  3. Cant remember the proper term now but relates to wind loading, creates a very strong stem i was told..
  4. Gonna be plenty of kit for sale soon when the financed kit needs paying for..
  5. The remap i had done was specifically for low down torque...the problem i would see with a tuning box is they aren't really tailored to the vehicle.
  6. Had my Td5 130 remapped a few months ago along with a bigger intercooler and HD clutch, totally different now, will pull tracked chipper and trailer with ease, revs much more freely. I think a proper re-map is the way not just a generic box.
  7. Omega Vehicle bodies but afraid they are in Bolton. Very high standard of workmanship though.
  8. I'd be choosing the 3.0 Canter engine over a 1.9..know of at least 4 lads with the 1.9 and while they've been reliable they need revving hard to move.
  9. I just square file..
  10. One thing rings true for the likes of Jimmy Kranky and similar...they like to shout a lot but then ignore the electorate if they dare to go against them.. Gtr Manchester has Andy Burham trying to shaft folks but unwilling to listen to reason. You look up sociopathy and the parallels with too many politicians is scary.
  11. Have recently purchased a Botex 360 2nd hand. Currently have it on an old 2140 Jd. I've played with the setup as it is around the yard and its very handy. Just wondering if anyone else has this model on a relatively small like the JD tractor? Its not going to be used for Forestry operations or anything too hardcore just larger Arb jobs where it will fit. The hydraulics on the JD run it fine just seeing if anyone else uses a 360 on a smaller tractor.
  12. Nothing but another tax...Burnham and his cronies are lining their own pockets.
  13. I got a remap done for my Td5 130 by a bloke down Manchester way, his company is called Mastaz, really cannot fault it, used to just use an old Shogun for towing but Landy has plenty poke now. Key is to get the Ecu on a computer and tell the guy what your using it for.
  14. He's in California at the mo following his first love..


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