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  1. Andrews did that as me and Matty F pointed out to the Andrews rep...i had a pair of the original Andrews with the lower back on them in 2012...the ones nowadays also seem to have more foam and less leather..?
  2. I've a pair...quite small fitting, im a 10.5/11 and they come up quite small.
  3. Firewood kiln of some description is best bet. Im in the process of finding a shipping container which will have a small wood fired stove fed with softwood. IBCs then moved with pallet truck and tractor.
  4. My memories like a bloody sieve i needed some carabiners as well as those other bits?
  5. As above im looking at selling my old Shogun due to lack of use and looking at the pre DPF Hilux. Any issues owners have found?
  6. The upside to this as my wife reminds me is plenty of businesses will realise they have plenty of staff they can do without..
  7. My plan for this season is shipping container heated with woodburner fed with softwood. ?
  8. Im just surprised these haven't come around sooner...similar available in Oz for years..
  9. Shogun at that price..5k would get you a fairly hammered Cruiser..
  10. Likely similar to mine. You'll never get the amount you will on Transits and such but less likely to overload.
  11. I've a double cab 130..4 cubic metres.?
  12. I pride myself on having always tried to buy British where possible and European if that isn't possible. I hope the Chinese economy gets its just desserts after everything calms down.
  13. Yes he's absolutely right. Im no fan of the guy at all but hes told it like it is.
  14. My pennies worth...i feel we will get the shit end of the stick either way..we either get a pittance in benefits or continue to go out to work and get abuse for it. Either way i shall carrry on for the next two weeks or so that i still have work booked in.


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