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    It was the trailer that took the piss in fairness. I did two miles in a transit that weighed 6850kg last year, never again.
  2. 291 is classed as semi pro saw, same target market as 4501. Sounds like a problem with your Oil feed pipe, hardly worth buying a new saw over. Build quality of the echo machines is far superior to both stihl and husqvarna, I’ve no experience of the dolmar saws so can’t speak of them...
  3. Yep, both owned by Electrolux. Buy an Echo, 4501 is for domestic/semi pro, 501 is pro spec. Autotune and m-tronic saws don’t like sparodic use.
  4. Have 2 piece sides, bottom small sides fold downwards so wheels don’t fill up with crap.
  5. I’m still not sure how he even got post in there in the first place....
  6. new sign for the week til I get a post box
  7. This lad is in Tipperary in Ireland, importing jap 4x4 dynas...
  8. huskykev


    Local pikey made the local papers last month, met him afterwards, he couldn’t understand the problem “sure that chain has held a lot worse boss”
  9. Foo fighters live at reading festival on bbc 4 at 10pm tonight, that’s my night sorted!
  10. Great if you want to meet your mates at a non-urban location too, just text them the three words. You out walking the dog late at night? [emoji16][emoji16]
  11. Living in scenic west cork for the last 3 years, seems to draw arseholes on bikes like flies to shite... so I put a 12v air horn on the Landcruiser last summer. I doesn’t make them move over but it’s fun watching them wobble in panic after a quick blast....
  12. Fine big girder half way down the other side for an anchor.... price the mewp/scaff (big bucks quote) and give them that first, then give a quote to climb and fell for two ton less and everyone’s happy...


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