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  1. New echo polesaw (petrol,5m) has a hedge trimmer head available for it, it’s not the lightest but they’re well built. POLE PRUNERS WWW.ECHOTOOLS.IE ECHO tools website - machines for the professional user
  2. huskykev


    Have the Sugi .050 with the husky 33 chain, right little ripper. Easy sharpen on site, pulls like a hoor on payday!
  3. huskykev


    Could you pm me a price too please? I’ve a 50cc 346, put a new piston in it last year but not happy with it lately
  4. We did anyway, we sent ye packing after 800 years! [emoji16][emoji16] we were into exits before they were fashionable [emoji23][emoji23]
  5. The Irish Potato crop failure was caused by blight, the famine was caused by English landlords shipping vast quantities of food out of the country at the same time...
  6. Supposedly a couple of showery days ahead but high pressure building from Wednesday onwards. Badly needed, we’re just about full with slurry here... ??
  7. Have used it for putting openings into rc walls, cut long runs with disc and finish off corners with chainsaw. Very difficult to get my head around not leaning on it like a borecut or pushing cut on a regular saw but it was ideal for precision cutting.
  8. Sprocket on the bar tip is after burning up from being pulled backwards by the chain. Take off the chain and see will it spin freely, I usually use the blow gun on the compressor to spin it up.
  9. Sun is shining here, cold but dry! Cutting ahead of a crane fed chipper, long may it last... ??
  10. huskykev


    Listen, I don't want to alarm anyone but the coronavirus will soon spread. The first means of contamination are bank notes, don't touch them. Take them with gloves and put them in a sealed envelope and leave them by your front door. Tomorrow morning I'll come by for collection and elimination, I'm doing this for the good of public health! You're welcome. [emoji38][emoji38][emoji385][emoji385]
  11. Plenty people out there who only look over something when it gives trouble, then complain the the piece of equipment is rubbish.


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