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  1. If you can keep a chain sharp you’ll be better off with the 291, it’ll pull well on an 18 but a 16 would be it’s sweet spot. Lighter and better vibes than an 038 too, you’ll notice the difference on your body quick enough....
  2. Wasn’t the 562 upgraded early last year? Couple more vents in the top cover and an extra heat shield...
  3. just popped up on Facebook
  4. I prefer the dedicated machines versus the multi tools, I find they flex too much and the join is a weak point. A dedicated pole saw is way stronger and longer, and the stihl pole hedge trimmers head will fit on the end of the pole saw for monster hedges... also I find with other lads using pole hedge trimmers will dog the life out of them on thicker hedges so I bought a cheap ALDI/Lidl battery pole saw and have it with the pole trimmers for stronger stuff...
  5. Maybe look at a small chipper (greenmech cs100 type), big and small ground saw, pole saw and strong brushcutters.
  6. Bought a set of cheap Tupperware boxes in ALDI last year, stackable and click together so just 1 big box really. Been running that new husky chain since last year, the .325 1.3, with a sugi bar on a 346, it’s a little ripper. Needs a fresh file every time I sharpen it though, it’s hard as hell!
  7. Moby dick!! 😂😂
  8. Good to hear, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery... what age is she? Collie?
  9. https://www.mercedes-benz.com.au/passengercars/mercedes-benz-cars/models/g-class/g-class-professional/explore/downloads/_jcr_content/swipeableteaserbox/par/swipeableteaser/interactions.attachments.0.g-class-professional-brochure.pdf This is the dream, 68 grand plus shipping and import tax though🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
  10. How did the op go Gary?
  11. Nope, started off with a 2 litre and upped to a 3 litre v6 in the last few years...
  12. Just popped up on Facebook marketplace


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