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Hi, I'm new here and I'm not a professional, so bear with me if I sound like a complete idiot ! I might even be in the wrong place, we'll soon find out.....

After some advice about what to do with a 35 tall foot eucalyptus in my (and my neighbours) garden. It drops leaves, flowers and crap on our lawns all year round and I want to take it down completely.

I've tried getting a few quotes but no-one round my way seems interested, so I'm going to have a go at it myself.

I'm no tree-climber, but I've got plenty of experience working off ladders, so I was going to tie a ladder to the trunk and take the branches off using a bow saw. Should I cut the bottom of the branch first then the top ?

I can't let the branches over my neighbours garden drop on to his shed, so I plan to support them with rope tied to each end, which will be tied to another rope looped over a higher branch, so they won't fall when they're cut, and I can lower them to the ground.

Sound ok so far ?

Haven't really though about the main trunk yet. It's about 18" diameter at the base.

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Where are you based?? Im sure someone on here would be able to do it for you, Although you sound keen to have a bash yourself, Just know your limits mate and dont do anything too risky

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hi mate, this does seem like a wind up by a professional tbh because it sounds so daft, why dont you just put your postcode up, one of the lads on here will be close and will nip over and give you a quote. if you know what you are doing a gum tree is a doddle at the size you are talking about, but what makes it easy for us will make it very difficult for you. the make up of the wood can make it very brittol and it can snap early. tying ladders to trees isnt cool either. if anyone on here says its cool to do it then the owner(steve bullman) will have a heart attack coz you could end up in hospital and he will go to jail.:thumbdown:

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I'm in Harwich Essex (I'll update my profile now),. To be honest, the more I think about it, the more I'd like to do it myself. And I'm skint, so I probably couldn't afford to pay someone to do it anyway.

I never do any job without looking at the risks .

Next question is, can anything be done with the wood ? My sister has an open fire but she said she doesn't want it because it explodes when you burn it. Surely not ? What about all those poor little Koalas ?


Quick edit, I know it sounds daft, but It's not a wind up. I'll get me coat....

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Tree work is for professionals - as it has been shown in T14EES T14UNK's latest thread!!

I'm sure someone on here will be willing to come give you a quote if you put up ur postcode/address.

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No professional contractor on this forum will be willing to offer you advice or tell you how to do this job. Do the right thing and get a professional to do a professional job.

If you're skint and can't afford it, get someone to do it when you can afford it or split it with your neighbour.


You might well be able to do it yourself and regardless of how you rate your ability, you might also kill yourself - this is the reality of tree work done by inexperienced persons.

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