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  1. COSS Required for short term contract carrying out minor deveg works for structures clearances. Please email matthew@highlandforestry.co.uk for more info. Rate per hour, or rate per site, PAYE or self employed.
  2. Can anyone offer me a price for 400 bags kindling delivered in Morayshire? Please PM or email matthew@highlandforestry.co.uk Cheers
  3. We are currently looking for a harvesting contractor to assist on a project in the far North of Scotland. Approximately 8 weeks work - Harvester only, or Harvester/Forwarder. Contract terms - price per ton to roadside on 14 day payment terms. FMOC certificates and valid insurance certificate required. Please contact matthew@highlandforestry.co.uk with details of resource and availability and for more information.
  4. We are currently looking for a tree shearing contractor to assist on a major project in the Aberdeenshire area. Please contact matthew@highlandforestry.co.uk for more information.
  5. We are currently looking for additional support with ongoing rail operations carrying out devegative works. Ideally a 3 team with valid PTS competency, COSS and tracked chipper to assist rail clearance operations throughout North Scotland and the North East. Works include but are not limited to, call out operations, structure clearances, statutory clearances and targeted arboricultural works. Please contact matthew@highlandforestry.co.uk for more information.
  6. We are currently looking for sub-contract arboricultural and forestry field teams for a large project in the Aberdeenshire area. Start date 1st September. Ideally 3 men per team with tracked chipper to assist clearance operations. Please contact matthew@highlandforestry.co.uk with details of resource and availability.
  7. Braco, Could you drop me an email with some more details? I'd have a look at it for you and see if we could assist. Cheers Matt matthew@highlandforestry.co.uk
  8. Hi Guys, We are looking for 3 x Operatives to form a new team working in the Ayrshire and Lanarkshire area. Must have saw tickets, chipper and PTS qualification or be prepared to go through PTS. Climbing and aerial rescue qualifications desirable. There is also an opportunity to undertake fencing works and fencing experience would be a bonus. Please contact utilities@highlandforestry.co.uk
  9. Hi Robert - possibly have a couple jobs coming in that might suit then. We'll wait and see if we get them first, and then be in contact. Cheers Matt
  10. Don't matter if they're French, Eastern European, Travellers, Black, Green or Pink really..They're scum for stealing other peoples property. I had two trailers nicked at the start of the year... these guys have no idea how hard folk have to work to buy kit and how much of an inconvenience it is when that kit is gone. Worst of all, the guys going round up here nicking stuff are weighing it all in for scrap... Plant trailers worth £2 or £3k are being weighed in for £100! It's about time the law clamped down on these cretins and started getting tough with them
  11. I did the LOLER inspectors course a couple years back (Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment).. It was my understanding that when testing carabiners, they must close when snapping shut... As in you hold the gate open with the twist and then let it go, as nobody should ever be closing carabiners slowly in order to make sure they snap shut as the manufacturers have designed them to do so. If they are slightly sticky, and unused - it may be that the lubrication paste used by the manufacturers whilst assembling them has become old and slightly harder than it should be. I would suggest soaking the carabiners for a couple hours in some hot water with ferry liquid, working the gate in the water and then drying off and applying some graphite paste to the gate mechanism. If this dosent work then I would remove them from service as a precaution - demote them to accessory clips or some other application that does not fall wihtin the scope of LOLER.
  12. I spoke to Vishay about it... which is another story as to actually speak to someone I ended up calling Germany, and then America and finally got some help in Singapore!! However, they say they changed the serial number of that particular component a few years back and since then none of their distributors have bought any - so I would need to speak to one of their distributors, put in an order of a minimum 20pcs and there'll be a 7 to 10 week lead time
  13. I believe you can claim fines, interest and legal expenses against tax as well... so either way it wont do him much harm!
  14. Maplin was the first place I tried! Amazing what you can find in there.. No luck though
  15. Obviously, yes... but the point is that guys with that kind of money rarely manage their own land directly. Usually it is managed through other people like estate managers, foresters, head keeper, land agent, management company etc.. I'm not sticking up for the boy, as whatever happens on your land is your responsibility at the end of the day - however, I do feel in this case the media have sensationalised it for a better story - it would be good to hear both sides of the story and then form an opinion..


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