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  1. timtree81

    Forst TR6 dead again!

    You are right tom , they are a little more expensive .. But I think this topic speaks for it's self .. An 8" Schliesing will cost you about 7k more than the st8 . It's mounted on a full galv chassis , made out of real gauge steel , has mudguards you can stand on and holds value very well
  2. timtree81

    Forst TR6 dead again!

    I was laughed at by my local forst dealer for not buying a new tr8 because I told him I had herd of faults with forst , vermeer , Schliesing or bandit are made to better standards
  3. timtree81

    ARB Show (2017) - Westonbirt (12th & 13th May)

    See you there all
  4. timtree81

    Having a nightmare buying a new truck

    Keep looking , one will turn up .. I found an iveco with just 29k for £5000 , it was a non runner as the half shaft had sheared , cheap fix and on the road for £300 I hope the van will last me a few years
  5. timtree81

    Best all round 3.5t arb truck under 15k

    My self I would go for an iveco , they are well priced , cheap on parts and there real good trucks , I've had 3 of them and I plan to have a 4 th
  6. timtree81

    Seasoned Firewood For Sale

    I struggle to get £35 for a ton sack seasoned and processed and deliverd
  7. timtree81

    Wood chip required in swansea, southwales

    Ok pal that's cool ! Speak soon
  8. timtree81

    Wood chip required in swansea, southwales

    My number is 07967502218 , give me a call tomorrow
  9. timtree81

    Wood chip required in swansea, southwales

    Your in luck , your just 5 mins from my yard
  10. timtree81

    Apf 2016 who's going

    I shall be there on the Friday
  11. timtree81

    Schliesing 465

    Does anyone on here run a Schliesing 465 , overland told me they sold one to a chap in the Bristol area and was looking to see one working and ask a few questions
  12. I shall keep an eye out , it's probably local scum tho
  13. timtree81

    Forst St 8

    I've heard horror stories about cracks in chassis and engine mounts , anyone else heard of anything like this ?
  14. timtree81

    Forst St 8

    I look at at a few topics on them ,after running Schliesing for years Whitch IMO are the best I'm worried I'm making a mistake , I can't believe how well it chipped
  15. timtree81

    Forst St 8

    I had a demo of a forst st 8 today and I'm not going to lie , I was very impressed .. Does anyone own one ? Any advice ? I run a Schliesing at the moment , are my making a mistake thinking of changing ?


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