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  1. andrew t

    STEIN SENTINEL type C trousers

    Cheers Steve Thats good enough for me 😎👍. i will order them now 👍
  2. Just about to get some new chainsaw trousers type C and would like feedback from (climbers) using the stein sentinel trousers . I have used the stein arborist before and found them to be very good . I was told the guardian are more for ground work and the sentinels are more for climbing.
  3. Hi I'm looking for climbers or groundsman in Norwich to help me next week . contact Andrew on 07445811529
  4. andrew t

    Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    Cheers for the reply regarding chains . I'm on the standard 12inch bar with Oregon chain the bar is tsumura so I just want to change the chain .
  5. andrew t

    Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    The Oregon spouts are supposed to fit I have just ordered some .
  6. andrew t

    Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    Love my echo 360 just little issues so far here's a few pictures . I'm keen to know of a better chain as already said a bit jumpy in the cut .[ATTACH]222071[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222072[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222073[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222074[/ATTACH]
  7. andrew t

    R.I.P Theocus David Shepherd

    I can't believe it we chatted on here before and talked at a couple of the tree shows David was a really nice guy and will be massively missed by arbtalk and my heart goes out to his young family .
  8. andrew t

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Good morning Paul it's going to be a beautiful day today suns out birds are singing 😎👍. Congratulations on the diet you looking super trim my friend
  9. andrew t

    New building

    Can't wait to visit Justin . Looks awesome
  10. andrew t

    Looking for a climbing saw

    Echo 360 tes
  11. andrew t

    Having a nightmare buying a new truck

    Wow that's a great news . I have until the first of April so still time I hope I get lucky
  12. andrew t

    Having a nightmare buying a new truck

    Hi Johny I can't do finance at the moment I'm just in the stages of starting up I would consider that in a couple of years .
  13. andrew t

    Having a nightmare buying a new truck

    Btw when I say new I mean new to me . 04 - 06 reg with 90-120 miles
  14. I have looked at countless trucks on auto trader gumtree and several garages and everyone of them has an issue my budget is low at £5000 but You would think there was something half decent out there . I have done 6 full experion checks online every truck has something seriously wrong or it's been clocked . The hunt goes on lol
  15. andrew t

    Echo CS360TES bar chain and parts advice

    Interesting I will have to read up on this . I thought you could use either at any time . Both my echoes were run in by forest and arb but I have run them on aspen since they arrived .


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