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  1. I got a 221ps v6 model a couple of years ago. Lovely truck. plenty of grunt for towing - will pull over 4t no sweat (obvouisly not on the road as that would be illegal). they are plated to 3.2 which is a draw back, but as the VW salesman said to me, 'whats 200 kilo between friends'. not that vosa would agree. MPG wise i run about 27 average and thats including motorway journeys (not towing). If your on 50 or 60 limit roads though its early 30s. When towing 1-2t, MPG is late teens. Had no mechanical issues - afterall its what the Germans do best. Its not a defender in its off road capabilities but with a decent pair of tyres on ive not had any issues going where i want. Oh and the handling is pretty good for a truck.
  2. I got in touch with the Jansen and they put Global Trading in touch, who look to be a dealer. Email address as per below. [email protected] They gave me a price of 2000 euro for the 20t version delivered.
  3. i think if you look at the tech diagrams the screw holes are different on sproket side. (if i remember correctly) I could always get my hands on a 462 and check for definite i guess.
  4. @bigtreedon be lucky if you can find them as i went through this last year and drew a blank getting them in the UK as Stihl UK give no reason but say they are not for the UK market. Spoke to a couple of US dealers who said they can't export thier products as per their agreement with Stihl US. A mate in the US was going to purchase them and send them over but his dealer went bust due to covid so never managed to get them 🙄
  5. Really recommend the 500i, one of the best saws built. have owned a 462 and 572 but now both gone as the 500i stands head and shoulders above the rest. Somone mention about the weight but i couldn't say ive noticed much of a difference ( im not a big lad )
  6. yes thats my train of thought. although the 462 was out a on the market a bit before they would have both been in development next to each other i bet. like you say, the above would just save them money.
  7. @Stihl123 you should ask our mate bomber - he'll have most likely done this before ?
  8. one of the american forums does give a product code for the 500i R handle that translates here to the 462 handle (which is available in the UK market). Stihl UK just say this is the 462 handle not the 500i handle ? ive contacted some USA dealers asking if they can ship but their stihl dealer T&Cs stop them from doing that. i am getting my hands on my old 462 in the next couple of days hopefully with the intention of taking handles off and seeing if they fit on the other saw, could be interesting....
  9. i found out the same when my dealer said they could get the wrap handle and i ordered 4 for some guys and they turned up as standard handles ?
  10. Yes, i have spoken to them as well as my local dealer, and also contacted stihl and its Stihl EU that don't have the product available for some reason (waiting to hear detail on this) but theres no chance. Exclusive USA market product as it stands.
  11. It seems that Stihl EU are not able to sell the 500i wrap handle, and its only available to the US market. I am looking to import some from a friend US (the US dealers can't ship direct). Please drop me a direct message if you would be interested in one. My first order will be placed early next week so please confirm asap. Thanks
  12. I'd recommend getting a demo of the new forst 8" diesel 55hp. It's an absolute machine. Never had much of an issue with forst machines and their customer service is pretty good when you need help.
  13. Yours is rather nice I'll admit. Has it been modded? Long time since I tried it?
  14. Coincidentally the TW breaks more frequently... Probably a Friday afternoon build model?
  15. Hi, it's about 2015ish from memory


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