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  1. Nice, a friend of mine used lightly spalted birch as centres for doors in his kitchen units. Looks really good, especially with the cedar framing as a contrast. Might be able find a picture somewhere..
  2. Yeah, a second set is handy, means you're not too worried if the courier is a day late bringing them back! What part of the country are you in? If you're near Galway I could ask my man to give them a rub. I've a set to go to him in the next week or two.
  3. You earned your pay there. Nice finish too.
  4. Don't you understand?! The height changes. They're 70 when complaining to the neighbour about loss of light, then 30 when asking one of us for a quote to fell over the phone.
  5. Keen edge in tullamore. They do pretty much everything blade or knife related. For replacements sawblades.ie are good but do have exact measurements ready when calling. A local engineer in a large sawmill does my chipper blades on their planer jig. If you have a sawmill nearby They might be willing to sharpen them for you for the price of a pint or 3
  6. Well worth the hard work, you saved yourself a hell of a wad of cash there.
  7. Picked up a couple of fiskars bits in lidl a while back, loppers and a mini axe, some of their offerings are excellent value for money.
  8. Must be they're serious bowls! Top class work.
  9. Gawd man. If that came out of an oven you'd call it overdone. I'm equally repulsed and mesmerised by it. Must be like having a permanent leather jacket. She can probably ride a stunt bike naked without fear of road rash.
  10. Nice, what lathe you use? Something I've always wanted to have a go at. Just never got the chance, yet. Any more pics? My better half is the one with the knowledge of the fungus among us. Although I've noticed more visible this year than most.
  11. Schaeffer and Kramer do some nice offerings in the sub 3.5 ton range too.
  12. Personal trainers are predominantly douchebags imo. If you want to get fit, you won't do it on the phone. Get yourself outside and go for a run, cycle, jog, brisk walk or whatever. If you want to incorporate climbing I'd go for an indoor rockwall rather than a tree. You'll have someone there to save you if it all goes arse above tit. Ignore les BTW, it's after lunchtime, he's probably already in the pub!
  13. Serious improvement, looks much better than before. Did you keep track of how many hours it took?
  14. Dewalt have improved from their slump in quality. The brother has the full set and there's not a bad tool in it. I scrapped a few makita bits over the last couple of years and went to milwaukee. No comparison. I'd pick dewalts current offerings over makita.
  15. I spent an hour this afternoon looking for an inner tube for the front tyre on the young one's tricycle. Now i find out it was on that prick's head all this time.


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