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  1. Brush cutter? cheaper, lighter to carry in, they even do some decent battery ones now for added stealth
  2. Wouldn’t you split it then cut to length on a decent sized chop or table saw? Sure i saw someone splitting 1m lengths then cutting in 4 somewhere. looked pretty easy and fast, the splitter seems to be the slow bit
  3. I’m just planning a Hilux extra cab tipping tray back build with extra boards to make it an arb box body. I do other work as well as trees so need to be able to get ton bags or loads of timber on the truck too. Current plan is steel frame with ladder bar, 400mm deep drop sides with 1m deep drop in sides with barn doors on them. Tie bar across the top.
  4. Just got the husky 520ihe3 battery hedge cutter and i’m really impressed! when i too the funds back up i’m adding the polesaw to the kit too.
  5. power plane to remove the bulk, measuring often, then a hand plane, lots of sanding.
  6. Depends massively on area buddy, where are you based? I have my own small setup and pay between 100-150 for a decent groundie, who can think for themselves, pre empt what we are doing next and can talk to clients (if i am up a tree the groundie is the one getting talked to) I got offered some silly rates as a 30,31,38 holder £75 to £100 max with own kit inc climbing gear etc so ended up starting my own gig reasonably quickly. Finding a decent company who isn’t all about rushing their team through a job, who will teach you as you go and get you climbing if you want to go that way is tough to find but worth hunting for. Message local tree firms and offer a days brash dragging to make introductions and see how a commercial tree site runs.
  7. I have a 445 that’s a beaut to use all day, 15” bar, light, silly good on fuel not as robust as a 550 but about half the price...
  8. Where are you based? Climbing arborist has some good videos on the basics, so binge on youtube to his stuff, lots of bad technique if you just search tree climbing. learn some basic knots, again climbing arborist is a good resource. Find a decent tree, with a strong limb maybe 20ft up, throw a rope over or use a ladder if you must, start close to the trunk to use your feet to help. With your knot skills secure one end to a krab, clip it to your harness. Tie a 3 wrap prussic 2 if you are light (under 65kg ish) and attach that to the krab with the other rope already on it. That’s a basic climbing system without learning the old school 3 knot system, which i found didn’t like modern ropes... start silly low, get a few feet off the floor and descend again. slowly go higher. get hip thrusts good, you will hurt the next day! SRT is ace but only really useful on taller trees, and requires more gear, ascenders etc so is more speedy.
  9. Tried both, only the spider briefly mind but the ZZ felt more user intuitive as it’s essentially a metal prussic, spider felt a bit too on off for me.
  10. Buy separate bud, ideally go to a shop and try some harness’ on as they all fit different, a bit like shoes... Basic shopping list Harness 5 triple lock krabs - only need 3/4 but worth having a spare. 11.7 ish dia rope, Honey bros have an end of roll section on the website. can pick up bargains 3 prussic cords, eye 2 eye is easier and neater when learning. one is a spare 3m lanyard or rope offcut to make your own helmet Job done
  11. I loved living in the Alps, Tignes and Courchevel doing chalet maintenance and building work, dealing with the French merchants for materials was a right royal pain in the ass! UK, if it’s a big order i’d ring it in the day before, get a time to call in and they would load the trailer. France, have to go see them, drop trailer off, wait for a call to say it’s ready, normally calling them a week after dropping said trailer to be told it’s been ready for a few days! Get there and there’s a pile sat next to the trailer for me to load. My boss was a Tignes local (Guerlain Chicceret the nut job who tried to backflip a mini and crashed a long jump in a mini - youtube, worth a gander) so he was a proper local spending hundreds of thousands of Euro’s at the merchants to get that service. Would hate to try getting work done on machinery! I serviced the vehicles, quad, blower and telehandler as far quicker!
  12. Aerial rescue gets bought up a lot, the risk and chance of needing is very low, as long as no one has symptoms (coughing, sneezing etc) then it’s only being passed if you transfer it to your own nasal system, so if your climber has symptoms, he should have been kicked off site to isolate. Whoever does the rescue needs to wash as soon as is reasonably possible ( prob wants to anyway as most rescues involve claret liberally doused everywhere) The rescue climber then isolated for 14days to ensure they are clear. It’s like finding a car crash and staying 2m away in case you catch something!
  13. I handle a few custom knives so bench sander in the garage, mostly wear a mask but forgot the once, felt like my sinus’ were on fire and tight chest for 2-3 days. Now have a Makita dust extract unit and always wear a FFP3 mask. Gf’s a respiratory nurse and had a tree guy come in with shot lungs from breathing saw dust all the time. Can’t remember what got him but 35yrs + in the trade is a lot of dust to breathe in
  14. There prob was people dieing from it but not being tested, if it was vulnerable or respiratory compromised it could have been seen as a flu aggravating their existing condition. 39k die from flu a year in the uk i think i saw...
  15. I think he meant a tipping trailer, not putting a tracked chipper onto the back of say a transit ripper


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