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  1. outinthewood

    Echo 7310 SX

    Well I'm glad you sorted that out Piston Skirt ...
  2. outinthewood

    Echo 7310 SX

    Echo has been making quality saws for a long time so I don't suppose it will fall apart ! 572 deafening ? As I use my saws for cutting wood too I don't study them forensically either but when spending a fair chunk of cash I do like to be aware of the various points of what I'm looking at. Echo from my understanding got a member of the 572 design team to work on the 7310 hence my comment on how it looks not in any way suggesting it has to be like the 572 to be good !
  3. outinthewood

    Echo 7310 SX

    Have a look at the 572 then a close look at the Echo, notice how much alike they are, there is a reason for that. The Echo is a bit more weight and little less power which is not a bad thing just something to take into account.
  4. Now it's been ported I like it a lot more
  5. Just got rid of my last 288 which was a 2001 saw in very good condition and took a 395,2172 and fully rebuilt 2071 for it rather than cash. I hadn't used it for around 2 years so decided to let it go for saws I would use more and get spares for. Also thought it was better sat on a shelve rather than being destroyed at work then being worthless. Saws like cars that are left not used just degrade, fuel lines etc.
  6. The 500 and 462 wraps are very different, it was the first thing checked by the fella that ported my 500. Try looking up Westcoast Saws on instagram they might sort you out.
  7. If you are going to the trouble of ordering one for the 500 make sure you get the air deflector with it. As for the 550 maybe a 560/562 one could be altered a bit although the "wrap" part mounts into the bottom of the fuel tank so would be a problem on 550. If you remove the grey tank protector on the 560/562 you will see the 3rd mount for the 3/4 wrap. You could perhaps try for a full wrap style as fitted to the 357 ? I look at my 357 full wrap and it's a great bit of work!
  8. Stubby, the 572 has a lot more "feel" than the 500. 500s do pretty much one thing which is get to max revs fast which if you don't have a small fleet of ported saws is impressive but when you start to hit included branches etc or just want to "feel" through the back cut the 572 is a better saw. Thats why my 500 is away on vacation having some decent midrange built in ! The 572 is a more solid saw which I suspect after two years of abuse on my own will stand up to a longer work life. To even in passing compare a 70cc (572) to a 80cc (500i) saw says something ? That said the 500 is a very good saw and with in mind a lot of my work is windblow or skyline I would consider a second 500
  9. I've been using my one for two years now with a 28" on oversize Spruce and hardwoods no problems. I prefer it to my 500i . Very smooth and good on fuel. I did gut the exhaust which woke it up a bit.
  10. Had mine for 2 years and it has done good bit of work with 28" most of the time, nice and smooth and good on fuel .
  11. Frammo, 357 BB - as it says a big bore in this case 61cc 357, Cannon bar lo pro if you want but .325 if you don't. I'm not so picky I cut hard and soft woods !
  12. Don't forget the rifle and sewing machine side of the business, the saws stuff a little later in the history. For the Stihl fans, tractors and heating boilers part of their history along with a short spell of uncertainty for Andreas Stihl for his part in the Nazi war effort, like a lot of businesses in that period not a reflection on him or his family !
  13. I run a 28" on my ported 562 and have run a 30" just for the heck of it , my 357 BB runs a 28" just fine and I'm hard pushed to say which one is "better" The answer to running a 28" on a 357 is a Cannon bar or a large mount Husqvarna bar and carbide burr to elongate the oilway along with a 1mm thick shim ....


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