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  1. outinthewood

    Thanks Skyland !

    I always think saying a public thank for good service is important when you can. We tend to only see negative stuff when it's all gone wrong ! Anyway a big thanks to Chris and Mark at Skyland who managed to sort me out with a couple of items at a great price and only 48 hrs to arrive across the sea , thanks lads !!
  2. outinthewood

    Battery chainsaw questionnaire

    I was sent out a 535i XP a few weeks ago to try and I have been more than pleased with how it "runs" it came with the most powerful slot in battery Husqvarna do at the moment and by using the save setting I got an hour and a bit felling and cleaning small Oak the other day (cutting a road in for forwarder) and it has taken up a full time spot in the back with the others. Very good for marking out sales ready for the harvester, as said above great with no fumes and quiet. An hour is a long walk in the woods when marking out and only some oil to carry.
  3. Only problem is again it's trying to lift the tree with a very small lever unlike the "proper" thing which is a sliding wedge. I can't see how such a small lever type system could work ?
  4. I drill the top of the plate with a good few swallow holes to allow the plate to "bite" and use a thick plate that also has a bit of pto shaft welded to the reverse side to stop the jack sliding away. Also angle the bottom of the cut, the base of the jack, in just a tiny bit to help - or I should say just make sure it isn't angled out !
  5. I do know of a guy that tried the jaw type that you get in a "porta-power" kit like body shops use and they , the jaws, just snapped ! Those you link , I can't see how they would stay in the cut ? the other mech wedges you refer to have a stippled plate affair which keep the whole thing in the cut. Also as already mentioned the size of the jaws means they would just push into the timber. You can get on ebay a shallow hyd jack which would do you ? I use a couple of jacks 15T and 20T with as Stubby says a good steel plate on top. It's very easy and fast enough to cut in more so than re doing a load of pen fencing !
  6. Couple of points , 840 nice machine which I was very surprised at ( I'm used to 1510-1910 and 865) it carries well and with the right man at the helm can travel bad ground very well ! Conor, I'm guessing that wood was a private wood not state land ? I know if "we" had worked a wood like that for the three private companys we cut for we would have been looking for other work after that !!
  7. outinthewood


    Why put the poor old girl under pressure ? The Hyper skip is a good chain, far less to sharpen and far easier on the saw. The finish is ok and it takes a beating with regards to nails etc. It's hard to believe it would cut anything when you see it for the first time but I've been running it on a twin 576 XP set up on 72" bar and it works well so a nice thumping 281 should do very well
  8. outinthewood


    Would do the job with the Hyper skip ripping chain, assuming the bar is 36" but the cut is 30" ish it would be fine.
  9. outinthewood

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    Echo, in that case you will not be buying anything new then as everyone has "small print" ….. I would have thought you would have loaned out an old saw as you had already said you had concerns about your new saw ? so why take the chance ? hence my comment about your 041. I'm glad I can help !!
  10. outinthewood

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    Echo, all warranty comes with conditions I would have thought someone like yourself who spends quite some time looking for the smallest thing would know and understand this ? It was not "my" dealer I was referring to but , if you are where you say the north of the country, Kee's which would be your local official dealer who is both Husqvarna and Stihl dealers and when working in that area spoke to several other people who all spoke well of them so apart from the list of problems you seem to have with saws you must also be unlucky with them ? You posted that after lending the most recent saw to someone and when it came back it was starting in a different manner, why didn't you lend them your unburstable 041 ? Just because MMWS uses 40-1 will not mean it will be the same with our European petrol...
  11. outinthewood

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    Echo, I followed with a passing interest your questions etc on another forum under the user name Greenerpastures. You say you are in the nth part of RoI ? I know and have been in to the dealer you are referring to and I found them to be good and straight forward to deal with. It is a fact that here in R of I the two main players are at the mercy of the importers and where Husqvarna Ire are helpful and willing to do the job for the customer the Stihl importer have so many high value other parts i.e Makita, Bosch, Knipex etc the saw part is quite small and as a result "we" do not always get the full range so to blame the dealer is not correct ! I have to go along with a couple of other posters and conclude you are always looking for a "problem" ? To suggest that your present saw is so sensitive is at best fanciful ! I have been running AT saws since they came out and apart from the well known early problems find them good and reliable. As a guy that makes my living from a saw any problems were all covered by Husqvarna with no problems. The 2 year cover from Husqvarna is as it says … I'm sure you will have a raft of rebuttal to post but do please check your facts !
  12. outinthewood

    Sugi hara bar

    Putting a very small slice in the tail ( at the end of the bar mount slot) of both the Sugi and Tsu will give far more movement in the bar and help and pretty much stop those failures. There is a reason that most of the other bars have this "slice" i.e. Oregon, Cannon etc. I have a handful of Tsu that I have use on a full time basis and no problems apart from a couple of tips. The one 28" that I didn't alter as above did develop a nice crack after a few months. I've found the Sugi tips just to brittle and for my work just not up to it, bar ok but the tips just start to break up very quickly.
  13. outinthewood

    3/8 chain 550 Mark 2

    Well you have a 50-50 choice of large or small spline rim so when you get the Mark 2 it will take but a few moments to find out which one....you could just buy both and be prepared !!
  14. outinthewood

    3/8 chain 550 Mark 2

    If you got the 3/8 conversion clutch drum for your 550 it would take a" large spline" rim as would fit a 372. The easiest way is just get a "small spline" 3/8 rim as Stubby said. A quick look at the IPL would show you just what you need …..
  15. outinthewood


    As already said it depends on what you are cutting ? In my case I run a 28" most of the time and it runs well. I got it with a 20" and have run a 24".


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