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  1. Yes, as Stubby says !! the first one not the Indian league....Just do a search "ipl 572 XP" and you will see what you are after. I should add that the 365/372/390 and 576/575 side covers are all the same so you can use the outer spike from all of those saws with those covers as it's a handy mix and match.
  2. That number gets the spike and fitting bolts, a lot easier than digging through buckets of small bolts trying to find the right size ! The spike the 500 comes with is good for a small one but I like a little bigger just to keep the oil tank away from the knotty Spruce windblow when they give a little kick !
  3. Yes outside spike can be fitted, two options one like the 560 mounting i.e. two bolts top and bottom of side cover as standard with saw or change to a 372 type cover and use standard spike or as I did do a small job grinding away the ridge you get on the 572 cover and just use the 372 type outer spike. Have a look at the ipl and you will see the options.
  4. 0000 660 0801 That's the pt # for out side spike kit which is the match for the inner spike. At the moment there seems to be no bigger version listed and you'll maybe have to go for a set from a 462 if you want bigger. I've used a set from a 064 to give a set with better "bite" . Just get the dealer to double check that # !
  5. Morning, no I don't but it's very simple . Remove muffler look in through the inlet and at the baffles , a load of tubing, check where the outlet is and with a Dremel or something similar using a burr or if you are very careful use a drill and a couple of differing sizes cut through the baffles and work away until you have a clear path to the outlet. Be very careful on cleaning out any swarf if you don't have an air line then you can use a hose to wash out and a magnetic pickup tool to fish around to help. I have to do a new 560 soon so if I get a chance I'll do quick video and post it up on youtube.
  6. I own both , 572 XP and 500i, and if you made me choose only one it would be the 572. It feels a lot better and has a bit of "beef" to it unlike the 500 which I do wonder at how long it will last.. That said the 500 is a light very fast saw ( for a stock saw !) and if I was still doing section fells then how could you not have one as it would be a joy for that although I reckon you would loose the airfilter cover now and again if you didn't mind it ! The fact is at the moment between the 572 , 462 and 500i it's a tough call as all good saws. I would do a bit of research on the 400 as I'll lead to believe that it's not without teething problems which is why it's been out in Germany for a while but only now appearing further afield. I don't know what issue and only told this by a fellow that is pretty tight with Stihl Canada so take it as I did just something to have a check on ?
  7. outinthewood

    MS 500i

    I'm running a 500i at the moment and curious how any of you that are also running them are finding them ?
  8. Morning Mark, well since I posted this you fellas went above and beyond to help me out getting some gear a few weeks ago when I was over for the UK Loggers competition. Big thanks to Chris who despite being under pressure to get away on a Friday eve did all he could to get me there on the phone and then found a secure spot to leave my stuff , many thanks again !
  9. Yes I did my mark 2 last week and just like my 572 which I did over a year ago it has got a bit more get up and go and cuts very well with a 18" bar. Very easy to do and again like the 572 no need to put second "port" in just open baffles up below the already large exit and you will notice a nice change !
  10. I've been giving the Husqvarna 535 Li XP a run and it now has a full time place in the back of the jeep as it's great for setting out first thin racks etc. I get almost 2 hrs on the "save" setting felling and snedding with a 9amp battery. I was very sceptical of the chain it arrived with but it's proved far better than I expected !
  11. An undamaged clutch cover on a 020 is the rarest bit to find on them, ask anyone who ran one as a day to day climbing and you will get a story of how they melted a pair of trousers or got a burn from the exhaust due to the rear of the clutch cover being gone ! And yes I know from the results ! Oh and the trick of stopping the choke from coming on by sticking a bit of bark or sliver of timber stopping the little tab from getting caught in the tree was very quickly learned..
  12. In stock form i.e.the air flap in it's factory position yes the 090 is all about torque but move it a little it opens up. That is after all why the factory sponsored go kart racing with it's 090 engine powered karts and as far as I know the only chainsaw engine powered micro lights . If you have ever used a 090 in anger and had "push back" you will know all about what torque really is !
  13. The cord isn't seated correctly but that is the knot as it would be from factory and the handle is as it should be, hard shiny plastic. Like I say I may have a different story to tell if I had it in the flesh ! I would say I was lucky to have a brand new never fuelled 090 in my hands some years ago so I'm not just going off what the internet tells me. I do also have that model AV set up so I'm going on my own one as well. But it still may be "wrong" as they say , so who's going to buy it and let us see LOL
  14. That saw is 100% genuine I would say....looking at the pictures.... I stand to be corrected if I had it in my hand ! The clutch is not worn, 090 segments have a groove cut into the friction material and are not that thick as you would expect on such a high cc saw. Loads of little things like all the stickers and air filter are just spot on. The colour is dead on. Hand guard which is so like a chain brake but just a guard is correct even to the spring on it. On/off switch is correct as is the rear handle.Some clutch covers had the sight line blacked some didn't. Now we all know the attention to detail that has been seen on some "fakes" like the Husqvarna 365 which did the rounds in large number some years ago, it even had a factory serial number which was correct but they all had the same number ! There is one thing I noticed but I'll go back and look again. On the are they still producing 090s , about 8 years ago was the last time I know they were after a dealer pal saw a pallet load on a factory visit and when he asked about buying any he was firmly told no only for "certain" markets. He did confirm with the guy that the 090 was only built in Germany not as like the 070s etc which we know were being produced in Brazil.
  15. It was £126 I think for the "carrier" version, I don't carry tongs so it was the best for me. It's a good discount off the list price.


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