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  1. And spude tell, you did my 550 and 562 . Big difference after muffer mode for the mark 2 Gr eddy
  2. Some already muffer mod the new Husqvarna 550 xp mark 2 or the 572 xpg .?....?..
  3. Want too buy a lightweightbar for my 572 xpg . Prefer a Sugihara , does some one knows the difference in weight for the standard Husky bar and a light weight sugihara or tsumura . 45 cm bar .
  4. Ore expensive over the water in holland
  5. Have a 550 xpg mark 2 and after i crashed my 562 bought a 572 xpg , but liked my ported 562 xp more becuase the weight.
  6. 550 xpg mark 2 or a 562xpg , after few months muffer mod them and you are a happy man .
  7. Some one already did a muffer mod on the new Husqvarna 550 mark 2. ?
  8. Pferd germany sell the file s
  9. Helo looking for a horse drawn forwarder. Living in the netherlands .
  10. No problem if you sent me a email i have more for you Deboomsleper@gmail.com
  11. Had a muffer mod 550 great saw and a 562 muffer mod also but crashed it stupid mistake so bought a 572 xpg great great power but little bit heavy for a small guy like me . So today bought a new 550 xpg mark ll. But yes 550 and 562 great set of saws . Miss my 562 sometimes
  12. After bought a 572 xpg in november today i bought the mark ll 550 xpg. As the old one put a 3/8 sprocket on it . Some one already did a muffer mod on these saws .?
  13. I did 550 and 562 both on 3/8 chain . Okee 562 crashed and I bought a 572 xpg . Swap chains , cant swap bars from the 550.
  14. Difficult too understand for a dutch guy But you know everything Stuby [emoji106] Will try too find on you tube. Thx Stub
  15. Square filling i saw it the files explain please have only used the round
  16. You have tried the square file..?
  17. Yep i know have it on my 550 now , but does the same rim fit on the mark 2
  18. Oki , you know i am dutch so rim / sprocket i will put theold one on the new mark 2 The price in the uk is so cheap that i will buy it in the uk.
  19. On my resent 550 Xp I run a 3/8 chain Is there already a 3/8 sprocket for the new mark 2 550 xpg Or is it the same sprocket they used. Want too buy a new mark 2 Thx
  20. Thx which are better and lighter?
  21. Hello Want to buy a sugihara Bar for my Husky 572 Xp . Can some one give me an address can’t buy them in the netherlands Thx Eddy
  22. Whats a lot of money, i do horselogging in Holland . Need €500 ex vat a day .otherwise i stay at home
  23. eddystihl

    50 cc saw

    Switched from stihl 261 and 361 , to. Husky 550 and 562 both muffer mod by spud. Less vibs on the husky and super powerfull now .
  24. Local dealer said can t order big dogs.


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