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  1. Kay 9

    New saws

    I'm my opinion everything. Noticeably more torque, speed and pickup. The extra weight isn't worth even mentioning I think.
  2. Kay 9

    New saws

    Just in from clearing wind blown with the company 560 and sorry I didn't bring my own 550.
  3. Kay 9

    New saws

    Mark 2 550 is a different animal again to the mk1. Got one recently and have run both side by side and I'm impressed with the improvement. Didn't think it would be as noticeable.
  4. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    The 572 is a savage on the 20" bar with the huskies own new chain
  5. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    So far so good. Have 2 big Ash and a pine for felling this weekend but waiting on a winch as their near the road and back leaning. Don't want to depend on wedging them over. Between the little 550 and the 572 shouldn't take too long
  6. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    On another note, replaced the 13" bar and chain tonight for a 15 tsumura. On first impressions the tsumura is ever so slightly better quality than the 20" sugi on the 572.
  7. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    I have to admit I did look for trouble with such a stupid previous post ?
  8. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    Sorry folks, I should have elaborated. I should have said that people that use them for hedge and lighter material flat out tend to have problems.
  9. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    Supposed be more reliable than the outgoing version. Mind you I've the mk1 since 2012 and it's been trouble free. Have run aspen too. Sorry to hear you've had trouble with yours. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones. What do you use yours for?
  10. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    Got a chance to use the new 550 for the first time this morning. First impressions are good. Noticeably faster pickup and torque than the old. Took a half a tank for it to run right but it's still improving. I've a 13" bar and chain on for now but the mkii will be living with a 15" when it arrives. The extra weight everyone is raving about isn't noticeable to me. Mind you I'm 6'3 and 18 stone so it shouldn't bother me. Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised that the two saws differ. Didn't think they could improve it that much. I'd reccomend
  11. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    What's the mk2 crankcase made of. Thanks
  12. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    I noticed the later mk1 550 has a slot cut in the top cover too. Mine doesn't. Might add one now that I think of it.
  13. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    I'll post here when I get it on any noticeable differences. Can't fault the mk1 so it'll have to be good. See people complain about the weight increase and bar length loss due to extra power head length. That's not a concern to me though.
  14. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    Yeah going to keep Gary.
  15. Kay 9

    Change 550 for mkii

    That's it folks. Just after buying a 550xp mkii. Hope it's as reliable as my mk1. How much they going for across the water?


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