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  1. http://www.madsens1.com/bnc_filing_cb.htm There are MANY guides on the internet, how to square file, Also lots of videos on Youtube. Thats how i tought myself. It's mostly done in North america. It's NOT easy ! I only do it in my workshop, with the bar in a height adjustable vice. It takes me 10-15 minutes to sharpen a 20" - 24" chain πŸ˜“ Vs. 5 minutes with round file. When im out in the forest, i always have 2 or 3 freshly sharpenend spare chains(and 2 "normal" round filed chains 🀫) Square filed chains easely cuts 15 % faster, Maybe even 20 %, but the wood must be very clean, as it loosens it's sharpness very easy in dirty conditions. Start with a 15" or 18" chain, and do it "just for the fun" or the challenge of it. It is'nt something i wanna do all my cutting with, especially not in dirty wood, But with clean wood and when fast, if not to say VERY fast cutting is desirable, square filing is hard to ignore. It's like having a 20 cc larger saw and with a bigger rim.
  2. Quote: "I want to give the saw to my son, he may not be as careful as me when it comes to mixing, that was the main reason I was thinking of going for AT or MT" Are you referring to "mixing" the 2 stroke oil and petrol ? Because No AT or MT will correct improper mixing ratios, they will "only" adjust the amount of fuel(petrol and 2 stroke oil)being sucked through the carb, to achieve a certain level of revolutions.
  3. Are YOU a manufacturer of chainsaws ?? πŸ€ͺ
  4. Congrats on youre 50 cc 346 xp πŸ˜€ When youre Ready to upgrade for the BIG logs you were talking About, i've found just the right Saw for you πŸ˜‰ https://www.gplshop.co.uk/husqvarna-forest-garden-products/chainsaws/husqvarna-professional-saws/husqvarna-3120-xp.php
  5. IMO the Tsumura are marginally Better regarding wear and slightly less friction in the rails and sprocket nose. But ask the seller About weight, stiffnes ! He Also have files for square filing, look in the PFERD drop down menu
  6. Plug it back in and "teach it a lesson" by placing the bar on an anvil and pound the plug/rivet with a big hammer and a large punch or chisel ! That'll teach it πŸ˜‰ Take care to do it from the small diameter side 😎
  7. This one is in Germany, he also sells Tsumura bars https://www.premium-motorsaegenzubehoer.de
  8. Wise choise πŸ‘πŸ˜‰ i would use Red Line too, if i could buy it, here in Denmark, in larger bottles than 473 ml 😫 I would though, Very much like to try Echo Power blend X, just out of curiosity 😜 But so far i'm sticking to Husqvarna XP oil at 40:1
  9. Could you please clarify which 2 stroke oil specifications "youre" πŸ˜‰ oil conforms to today ?? The reasons i stopped using Aspen 2 stroke fuel were; 1. The 2 stroke oil used at the current time(2015) had the specifikcation JASO FC ! My saws require JASO FD 2. Aspen Will ONLY sell their product through Their dealer(stealer) network, i am still using alkylate fuel, Another brand though, and I buy it without 2 stroke oil and mix in the oil specified by the Saw manufacture
  10. Only considering the headline πŸ˜‰ I would recommend a Husqvarna 372 xp, with a solid tsumura or sugihare 20" bar. You'll be thrilled and all youre work mates envious as hell. The 372 xp is still available in at least one Swedish webshop, that happyli ships global. https://www.gplshop.co.uk/husqvarna-chainsaws/husqvarna-372-xp-g-x-torq.php
  11. Mygalomorph

    560xp bar

    20" .325 GB bar on mine at the moment and a 7 pin sprocket and it eagerly keeps cutting with the whole bar burried in beech, but I also prefer it with an 18" tsumura bar and 8 pin sprocket
  12. Husqvarna 560 xpg muffler modded with 18 " Tsumura light bar and oregon 21 lpx
  13. I would give it a liberal muffler mod with dual outlet and add 25-50 ml. more 2 stroke oil per 5 l aspen/petrol , so it's running on 40-1 or 32-1, the extra oil increases compression slightly, the muffler mod lets the saw rew faster and hold high revs in the cut. And it's a simple 15 minute job, just make sure ALL shavings are blown/washed out the muffler, before you bolt it back on the cylinder
  14. Cyllinders on modern saws are made of aluminum alloy and transfers, intake and exhaust ports are generally not chromed or nikasil plated, so be cautios in those areas or acid or base will "creep" under the plating and corrode the edges around the unplated ports, resulting in loss of plating. I would recommend any one to use hydrochloric acid over sodiumhydroxide, because of the chemical burns that hydroxides courses even after very brief skin contact , I WONT start explaining what happens in the event of eyecontact 😵 Hydrochloric acid may SMELL bad, but are much safer. But of course, stay safe and wear glasses and rubber gloves 😉😎👍
  15. Mygalomorph

    Best 70cc saw

    Husqvarna 576xp if you Wanna save a litle fuel , Husqvarna 372 xp if you Wanna save a litle weight


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