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  1. WR14GHT

    Need a 2nd, bigger more powerful Saw, 20" +

    Figures on the website say it is not lighter?
  2. WR14GHT

    what mini loader

    Legs look unprotected from potential falling objects from arm due to open cab frontage
  3. WR14GHT

    Fencing price query

    175 materials all in?!! 😲 cheap
  4. WR14GHT

    16ft ifor Williams for 2.5t digger

    Yes, tows very well. Well that's a 3 ton digger so, over weight. Tri axle is better than double. Looks well loaded tho as all higher up, compared to plant trailer.
  5. WR14GHT

    Does this sound like a scam?

    Agree with guys saying be vary wary, but at the same time, we have sold a few bikes to a chap in Ireland, who paid via PayPal and sent a courier to collect, all with no problems at all, so it can go either way. Just have to make sure you cross the i's and dot the t's to protect yourself
  6. WR14GHT

    Stump Grinding as a way of life

    On a machine of this size tackling those stumps, teeth need to be sharp sharp, and you will find the slew speed slows down if you are asking too much of the cutter wheel which sucks engine power, either by taking too large a bite of stump, or by not clearing away grindings often enough or blunt teeth. If sharp teeth, a correct size bite and no build up of grindings, it should cut quickly!
  7. WR14GHT

    St8 stop bar

    Yes. A slightly better shade of orange than TW. 👍
  8. WR14GHT

    Stump Grinding Business Name

    👌 perfect
  9. WR14GHT

    Forst st8

    Mine did the same. The hydraulic oil level when cold should be right at the bottom on the red line, then when it gets warm it shouldn't come out the cap. When mine was a higher level, it came out when it got warm and had the same marks around the cap and bonnet etc, and down the tank. Hasn't done it badly since the cold fill level has been lower 👍
  10. WR14GHT

    New bar and chain look up.

    Used it last week, very good! 👍
  11. WR14GHT

    Tw 280tdhb

  12. WR14GHT

    Woodchip required at Stoneleigh Park

  13. WR14GHT

    Business growth opinions???

    I have a 23m tracked mewp. Not for sale though. I did intend to go out on hire with it for many operations, as well as using for my own tree work but been too busy with work to push it, and I will not hire it out un operated as they are so easy to damage or over load if you don't know what you are doing. It would never come back the same. I risk my life in the thing, I want to know what it has been through!
  14. WR14GHT


    For longevity I think chippers need to be over 750kg, for the job they do! I'm much happier with the thickness of metal and construction methods on the Forst than on the sub 750 chippers.
  15. WR14GHT

    Do i buy or rent?

    Maybe amongst the other equipment needed is a firewood processor, and a woodmizer and a kiln. A sustainable development, building the homes with the wood from the site clearance and using the logs to heat them, and the chip to landscape. Bingo.


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