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  1. Please just put your own rope through the zillon! For starters it’s [emoji817] % better with 11mm rope...
  2. I know of a chipper on it’s 3rd axle approx 600 hrs I think, all been covered by Forst. Starting to realise why everyone says they have good after sales service
  3. Had BFG’s and coopers, both are poor on wet tarmac compared to road tyres. Not much difference off road at the end of the day but BFGs last a lot longer IMO
  4. Lanyard over the shoulder personally. One less thing to forget / worry about up the tree
  5. Posting on behalf of EOS Contracting. Due to the ongoing and expansion of contracts we are currently looking for utility workers to work on our WPD and SSE contracts. Ideal requirements are listed below, however the right candidate would be considered without these as training can be given. CS30 / 31 CS38 / 39 CS40 / 41 UA 1 / 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 Woodchipper WPD / SSE authorisations B + E driving entitlement First Aid Excellent rates of pay available to the right candidate. WPD area of work - Worcester, Kidderminster, Evesham, Redditch SSE area of work between Oxford, Swindon and Trowbridge Please apply via email with a brief outline about yourselves and an up to date CV. office@eoscontracting.co.uk
  6. Nothing has been cut yet so spec can be chosen to a degree. Access is tight but do able
  7. We have a felling job in Devon coming up and was after some contacts for selling the timber. We don’t work anywhere near normally so a bit clueless! We have approx 1200 tons of mature larch, some will be done as biomass some as saw logs. Any help would be most appreciated
  8. At the end of the day it completely depends on the type and size of work your going to be doing. Also if your looking at doing your 38/39 you need to think about a top handle saw. Unless you’ve got oodles of cash it all takes time. I have 160t, 200t, 362running either 15” or 18” and then 576 running either 18” or 24”. I’d like a 661 size saw but don’t currently have enough work for it as I know I can borrow from other people when necessary
  9. Sorry I meant I’d choose the 562 over the 560, I know you can swap a 560 to 3/8’s too.
  10. Definitely incorrect. You don’t need anything to do CS38 and only need 30/31 and obviously 38 to do your CS39. All CS32 teaches you is how to cut down a tree that’s bigger than your guide bar, I.e come in from both sides etc With regards to the saw I’d go pro 60cc STIHL / husky. I have a 362 but would probably go husky 562 just because I prefer 3/8 chain
  11. I’ve got the short one use it as a tip anchor as well which works well
  12. Used both in plant trailer format. Tri axle is a lot harder on the trailer and vehicle to manoeuvre I found. But I’m guessing easier to spread the load and less stresses on 3 axles than 2


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