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  1. Not all utility arbs wear spikes attached to their boots. Most contracts get audited far more than any work a domestic Arb might get. I would like to hazard a guess most people appreciate their electricity. It annoys me that people moan about poles ruining their view and insisting on restricted cuts. E.g 1m on conifer, it will be back in the lines in less than a year. On a 5 year contract that means going back 5 times and only getting paid once and causing the customer 5 lots of disruption. How many domestic arbs would do this for Mrs Smith and her hedge? The electricity lines on your land might be feeding 100’s if not thousands of people. If a tree was to fail or grow too close because someone didn’t want it cutting it’s not just you who’s affected. Normally when attending said emergency works the difficult customer is normally the first to say do whatever is required to get the power back on as my Sunday dinner is in the oven.
  2. If you want to tow a trailer above 750kg you need the +E entitlement. So vehicle up to 3.5ton is B (car, transit, Land Rover) plus trailer (more than 750kg) is B+E. It gets more complicated by when you took your trailer test as to if it’s a trailer up to 3.5ton or any weight trailer. A 7.5 ton vehicle is C1 plus trailer is C1 + E. Class 2 hgv is C (upto 32t), class 1 is plus trailer or C+E. (44tonGVW) Pretty sure that’s right.
  3. Not enough land in this country to just have grass which is why farmers plant different crops. Too many people is the biggest problem to planet faces
  4. Smerdons will have something or Steve Morris has a 12” and 18” and 8tonners to go with them
  5. I work in the utilities environment and I see it as a don’t get caught scenario. The clients we work for have their auditors who would throw the book at you even though they have no idea what they are talking about (a bit like HSE I guess.) Generally the trees were climbing are too small and awkward to have a second line let alone a secondary anchor. Also Wtf do you do when working in conifers?! [emoji23] I’m about the only person I know climbing SRT and when I’m in a big tree much prefer setting a redirect than a secondary line. That’s my view point, I know some people are trying to adopt 2 ropes but generally it just hampers you.
  6. I have both, I think it’s too close call, pros and cons for both. However. I’ve had to put a swivel on the zillion and change the rope to get it to be as good as the ART positioner. I do find myself using the positioner more [emoji2369]
  7. Forgot how good the bulldog bone was today. Been trying to dial in the akimbo for ages but still not quite perfect. Used the bulldog bone without any adjustments and it just worked. I’ve had it on cougar, tachyon and squir2.0, wet and dry and it doesn’t need adjustment. Where as with the akimbo the settings would be completely different
  8. I’m far more inclined to use someone with good directions and instructions where to tip and who doesn’t want to be called for prior arrangements
  9. Rod Davies Manor Tree Care is a great guy to deal with. He might be more flexible than having a massive machine in that needs to have a lot of brash to make it pay.....
  10. My favourite trouser I think [emoji848]
  11. A company called spiderlift have a few of these, expensive but handy
  12. Airstreams out the box are good for 99.9% of people where as other brands don’t seem to be. I tried some arbortecs and although comfy take a bit of wearing in, ive actually gone back to my old airstreams for the summer. A lad I know got the Andrews and rates them but is struggling to wear them in, possible need to size up with them I think he said.
  13. It’s thunderbolt 2 so you might be right. Another plus vs windows then! Ha
  14. I have a 27” iMac at home and for working with multiple windows it’s so valuable having the screen real estate available to have two docs side by side, and the software is as simple as click and hold the green window button and select the second program you want side by side and it snaps to the screen, no sizing just done. The only upgrade to this is dual monitors but then you need a dock etc also but with a laptop you have 3 screens! Rarely necessary but useful none the less. Also look at the refurbished ones from Apple direct. Bought 3 laptops, iMac and iPad all refurbished and never had a problem. You just have to wait for the one you want to come up sometimes.


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