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  1. Close Call: Rigging Point Failure

    This is how I saw it in the video! The spar that snapped was taking some of the doubling effect of the spar that didn't snap by decreasing the angle and not making it so harsh. By doing this it resulted in side loading of the other spar causing it to snap?
  2. Close Call: Rigging Point Failure

    I always thought it's was more redirects = more strength, I've been living a lie!! When I did my cs41 one was really looking forward to learning about forces in conjunction with redirects and all that jazz, then it literally covered none of it apart from the doubling effect. Was a bit annoyed really.
  3. Close Call: Rigging Point Failure

    Wait, so having two pulleys on two different stems at the same height doesn't spread the weight?
  4. What's everyone using to pre-tension there rigging lines? I've seen stuff like the stein pretension pulley and also the ropejack, and I know about winching bollards but there out of the price range. Would just like everyones thoughts!
  5. Rigging down stems with Rigging Rings

    Ok will look into getting something like that Cheers Mate
  6. Rigging down stems with Rigging Rings

    Nice!!! Does the whoopie have one ring spliced and one attached via prussic? Or both rings spliced on? I presume this is the sling you use when blocking down stems?
  7. Rigging down stems with Rigging Rings

    Bigtreedon what configurations have you got your rings in?
  8. Rigging down stems with Rigging Rings

    Ok sweet, what configurations do you use? Been meaning to get some for a while now I've got round to it not really sure what to get.
  9. Just wondering if anyone does it or do they just use a block for straight stems and rings for other types of rigging, if so what set up do they use?
  10. SRT devices.

    Thought A.R.T did have some sort of S.R.T device. Check out at around 8.30 mins pretty sure it's some sort of device I've seen before but it's hard to make out.
  11. Anyone know of any trouser that's have the pockets for the knee pad inserts?
  12. Cougar Blue

    Poison ivy?
  13. Cougar Blue

    AAhhh just ordered some CE Marked stuff, is it really that different?
  14. Trouble descending on the spiderjack 3

    Na just using different peoples rope =)
  15. Is anyone having trouble descending on the spiderjack 3. I have tried it on a 11.5 rope and a 13 mm rope and it just feels really tight and if you use the brake you dont move at all. Any ideas? Cheers Matt


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