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  1. Agreed any loader is better than none, **** lifting logs.
  2. Fair one, panel out would defo be a game changer and bring it closer to your price. Well round my way anyway not sure about London!
  3. You reckon only a day?Especially with the grind? It's hard to say without seeing access but chances are it's gunna be bad. I haven't used one of the turn table pedestrian grinders but they can't be much better than a normal one. Looks like it's at least gunna be a 36inch bar at the very bottom? Getting it down, shifting all that wood then grinding out a huge stump with one of those grinders is gunna be a big ask?
  4. Oh and you'd have to do it with a pedestrian grinder and all. Sounds like a can of worms
  5. Looks s***, high chance its full of metal,crap access, 2 grand with grind and vat included doesn't sound to bad especially in London. Trunk looks massive lower down?
  6. There's my answer then ill get some new ones ordered
  7. Whats the tension of the springs supposed to be like on the 19 28? I can currently lift the roller with one arm, I'm assuming its supposed to be more than this? Cheers
  8. Used one of these for my boxer mate got my fabricator to make a bracket up for it, but I think the guy will do one for ya if you get measurements. New compact tractor loader Bucket, 3ft/ 4ft and 5ft widths available WWW.EBAY.CO.UK 120litres for 4ft widths. 150litres for 5ft widths. 4ft buckets at...
  9. OK will give Ga groundcare a go Cheers guys
  10. Hi Come to flip the shear bars on my 19-28 tow along and have noticed the vertical has cracked. Anyone know where I can pick one up from this week if possible? I've seen orangeplant have quadtrak ones in, that look very similar but not sure if there the same? Thanks Matt
  11. Yeah I didnt know how much we were going to use the bollard on the side, but we use it for everything its brilliant. Tow ball aswell for shunting chippers about. Loaders are essential no matter how big or small as long as it stops me from knackering, my back I don't care
  12. No I think your right mate
  13. They've cut the heel off that one so I'd say it does a full 360 not like mine which only does 270 which can be annoying
  14. I've got it in my head it would be no good and needs to be hydraulic, but I haven't used one so not sure
  15. I have a klou for my boxer its brilliant! I have seen klou have brought out an electric rotating one ill see if I can find the vid


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