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  1. Hi guys Just throwing this ad out there as I need it gone. Open to reasonable offers. The truck is on arb trader

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    A Job lot of husqvarna cordless gear 1 t540i top handle 1 520ihd60 short reach hedge cutter 1 520ihe3 long reach hedge cutter( one tooth has snapped on this so will need replacing) 1 qc330 quick charger 2 bli200x( the high powered ones)



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    Assortment of rigging all sold as one. Would prefer collection(from mk)but might be able sort postage though


    - GB


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    2007 Mazda BT-50 · Truck · Driven 120,000 kilometres Mazda BT-50 Arb tipper( a rebadged Ford ranger) 120000 miles, will go up slightly as still using Tipper is roughly 1.5 years old all works correctly Uprated leaf springs and airbags fitted Brand new tyres Chassis is good no rust Pulls like a train a really good work horse. I'm moving abroad so have to sell it unfortunately. I still need to use it till the 4th of July so won't be able to pick it up till then. Offers accepted


  5. It's a boxer 532dx and a alpha 200 shear I'm looking at
  6. How well do they work on multi stemmed stuff like dog rose?
  7. I've been asked to do loads of hedge removal, a big job! Most of it is hawthorn under 4 inches and laurel under 6. The specs on my machine are 14.9gpm 3000psi and 32hp. Would my machine run a shear ok ? Weight is not an issue due to the hedges being pretty small but I'm wondering if it will have the ommph to run it? Any advice welcome Thanks in advanced
  8. This is a true but a sherpa or worky-quad will still rip out 6ft hedges or whatever
  9. Another thing you can't do with the knock about grab is grab upright stems. Cut a hedge at the bottom rip it out, easy
  10. Can I just add I absolutely love my mini skid, and you 100% will not regret your decision. I also love talking about them on arbtalk ahaha. How sad is that!
  11. I've got a klou grab, forks, bucket, and flail. The grab is on 90% of the time. One thing to bear in mind with the klou grab is that it only spins 270° making feeding a chipper a little bit harder. I would say that is its only disadvantage against a knock about grab mick is describing. This is on a 32hp boxer so a little bit bigger than what machine your looking at. Next purchase is going to be a rake for me, they look so handy
  12. Hi Can you explain how an engine can be more efficient but use more fuel? I was under the impression an engine being more efficient ment it used less fuel? Thanks
  13. Log grab over grapple bucket any day of the week especially the klou style ones. So much more versatile


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