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  1. Wack a link in if you put it on ebay please mate
  2. Right, yeah got ya. Just out of interest I know you have a giant loader, do the tyres mark on that?
  3. Sorry mate dont follow. Plastic bag of trap??
  4. You reckon 3mm would be enough for a 1.2 tonne machine?
  5. Yeah mainly just when turning, was just wondering if there was a way, would be nice to not have to worry about putting ply down all the time. The 3mm stock fencing looks good though might have to try that, I'm assuming it's not that heavy?
  6. The mini skid has a tendency to leave track Mark's on block paving, pathways etc... Anyone got any tips on getting rid of them Cheers
  7. Looking for a flail mower for my boxer 532dx mini skid. What's everyone using? Cheers
  8. 70 sounds like bargin I'd would pay 150 a day easy for that
  9. Just can't see why you would cut and chuck that tree, just end up knackered and probably no quicker than rigging.
  10. How do you get on chipping into the trailer that you've used to transport the chipper?? Do you end up doing 2 trips at the end of the day alot or is it not too bad??
  11. I bought a 2nd hand dosko 6.5hp grinder for 250quid made its money back on the first job. It's not the quickest but gets the job done and was cheap
  12. Looking for a new rope for my Bulldog Bone currently using non ce cougar blue. Had anyone got any suggestions or should I just get more cougar blue??
  13. Clicky

    Tendon Ropes

    I use a tendon rope for rock climbing bloody good proper durable. Cant comment on the arb ropes though


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