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  1. Atkinson VOS HD hitch

    Like anything from them they are to expensive Get someone to make you one ,they aren't rocket science!!!
  2. Hybrid Poplar For Firewood

    There were a few trials carried out for growing hybrid willow and poplar some years back but this was for biomass not logs You might be able to find some results by googling it
  3. Timber arch/log skidded build

    You beet me to it I'm a slow typer. It works so well better than messing about with hand winches etc. also I welded a shackle to the drawbar and we have a length of chain to reach where we can't get the trailer and drag to where we can attach properly
  4. Timber arch/log skidded build

    Weld a length of 25mm bar from the drawbar to the top of the arch with a ring off a chain with a shorter on it. Back over your log attach a chain to the shortener and as you set off the log is lifted off the floor also coming downhill the log drops back to the floor and acts as breaking. So simple we made one it works great
  5. Best sheeting for firewood?

    Have you not still got a polytunnel are these not used as solar driers
  6. Lone working

    Hi all. Thanks have seen the mcmurdo not sure which yet but I think I only need it for emergency use only the spot gen seems a little complicated for me and I don't want to pay another monthly subscription I'm told there is a version of the single use one that the company will send you another free if you use it!! cheers
  7. Lone working

    Hi all has anybody here any experience with any of the satellite personal locators available for lone workers Thanks
  8. council contracts, are they legal?

    Agricultural contractors and farmers use this system its called a machinery ring It only needs someone to organise it and the rest of the group agree to a set of guidelines and probably a subscription to cover costs
  9. council contracts, are they legal?

    Most of these larger tenders allow for joint ventures between contractors Time to get together lads!!!!
  10. Mini roundabouts. Tyre killers for sure
  11. Icelandic 4x4

    Not sure wether they do them but have a look at artic trucks website. They did the top gear hilux!
  12. Woodburner with oven?

    We have a Rayburn 212s,it does a large towel rail ,enough hot water for four of us ,most cooking and heats the house just from wood but it is a multifuel I thought it was expensive when we bought it ,but looking back it was the best investment Wouldn't hesitate to buy another :thumbup1:
  13. Goat Willow

    I am burning some small diameter goat willow at the moment ,it burns hot if seasoned ,this has been felled 8months and was split and stacked straight away
  14. STOPTOBER - Post Here

    sounds like i am getting stuffed with mine not sure where wife gets them from. Still cheaper than fags at 9.00 a pack:thumbup:


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