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  1. Marc

    Why I love using ladders for tree work

    I brick myself at the top of twelves! hust goes to show the variation in opinion and approach. I for one would never have them in our yard.
  2. Marc

    Why I love using ladders for tree work

    Not used a set of ladders in over a decade so don’t see their relevance. what has been a game changer is tripods, we have a range of these now for pruning and hedge cutting.
  3. I struggle to find good staff, not keep them. I think Vesspian has a point help your team/employees out, go away on breaks, pay for training, keep a reasonable work load as in don’t beast your guys day in day out. We don’t pay the best rates either, in fact I consistently earned more else where when I freelanced. But as a company we always had work, good work, at a reasonable pace and always pay promptly on time no matter what. I would like to pay more, even match what some of our guys get else where but it’s not going to happen until rates overall improve. On another note, when I did freelance sorry if any of you guys are on here, but to pay me considerably more than your core regulars and treat me like some hot shot climber buying me coffees and treats doesn’t go down well with the rest of your team. As a counter to that, those that think they deserve more but aren’t willing to apply themselves unless they get it... you got that wrong too.
  4. Marc

    Throw line and throw weights and techniques

    Me to Steve, I’ve got 3 with 4 zing it’s (one cube has double bottom) whole bunch off mostly 8 oz Weaver bags, given up on the Rockets years ago they only last a matter of months and 2 throwpods. Never used a big shot.. there are a couple kicking around the yard that the lads use I just prefer by hand. the biggest pain is breaking in new zing it..
  5. Marc

    Carlton 1790 Chipper

    @Glenn321 you cant go wrong with a bit of Americana unless it’s a Vermeer which can be fragile, the Carlton’s Morbarks and especially Bandits are robust machines that are simple to keep going if you have a semi decent understanding of how they work. And as you state you own a Landrover your obviously a dab hand with the spanner’s. I’d go for it over a Forst or European chipper. We do run Timberwolfs and Firsts to just because they are light but also what I’d class as disposable. A good American machine will give a good service life in my humble opinion.
  6. Marc

    Releasing knot from rope

    Well that beat rummaging around in the leaf litter or cutting a branch. There are many soloutions I just prefer something I can tie in a field to a truck without having to find a branch.
  7. Marc

    Releasing knot from rope

    Just because it so inelegant and lazy, and I have to rummage around for that perfect stick, so many times I’ve had the stick either snap or become jammed itself requiring serious work to free up. So I learned to tie knots that simply don’t jam. this is a nice quick easy one a lot are a variation of the truckers/Carter’s hitch which is also and invaluable knot to know.
  8. Marc

    Releasing knot from rope

    No never, hate the stick trick I prefer Pete’s method or any other better way that doesn’t involve a stick. Half hitch the shit out of it, bowline, truckers hitch (when winching on the floor) anything other than jamming a stick in there.
  9. Marc

    Why Topping Hurts Arborists

    Ive gotten past caring what others do, although always happy to encourage discussion. for me though the first thing that stands out isn’t not the poor tree work, it’s the guy ringing up, do his knees not work! That’s back problems in the future right there...
  10. Marc

    Do you even lift bro?

    Size doesn’t mean anything certainly doesn’t mean you will be good at big take downs. Worked with plenty of beefcakes that just get ruined later in life man handling big bits.
  11. Marc

    Workers worthy of a mention

    Great uncle Q can’t really put into words so here are a few pics
  12. Marc

    Do you even lift bro?

    No is my opinion, although being smart and trying to keep flexible with a good chore helps. I work with many young guys who are very fit as in they gym, run, swim and lift with very athletic strong physiques. I smoke, drink beer and like cake. when in a tree I can/could climb all day without breaking into much of a sweat, yet the gym guys would be sweaty messes after about 30mins. The difference is experience, experience is everything and being attuned to your job.
  13. Marc

    Bigger contracts

    Yep we have a few of those, nice bonus when they come in
  14. Marc

    Bigger contracts

    @Mark Bolam I think this is the main point, I am sure that some of our clients I could push for 30 day terms, I don’t because we can. I think those that complain or find themselves in trouble by it have to proportion some of the blame on themselves, rarely are these contract terms hidden. Its important to have these details nailed down, you can’t simply state 30 day’s on your quote or invoice if the clients terms are 90 day’s. If you don’t read their small print they will not read yours. Get it agreed in writing. When I was on the tools and my boss got into a sweat when he realised it was 90 day terms upon completion and invoicing to be harsh it was his fault for not reading the contract procurement forms. The 90 day’s works for us now as we are at the stage where we are riding the wave so to speak. But it is stressful and I question the sanity of taking these jobs on, my most recent project tender was £250k and I am praying I don’t get it let the big boys have it. If we do with that amount I will be insisting on new payment terms as we cannot accept the liability, I mean maybe we could weather it but... just no... Our largest tender is out there at £650k... this will be broken down into part payments as we progress. 50k is our limit on 90 day’s at present. Profit margins don’t change though, we made just as much on tonking apple trees as we do smashing down big trees.
  15. Marc

    Bigger contracts

    It’s a double edge sword, perhaps my comments are based more upon where you see yourself going. As we’ve grown so have our clients. Often I think it’s better to just stay small...


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