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  1. This is my Arborist Van

    Yea I clocked this the other day. I love the idea but I'd need to sleep in the dam thing for fear of it being stolen.
  2. Tripod ladder rear legs help!

    Thanks for that...yes it does have the grooves! I'll give them a bell. Cheers
  3. Tripod ladder rear legs help!

    I've bent the rear leg on my HPM360 tripod. I've tried Work Wear (the sole importer) but unfortunately they have none in stock apparently a load came in from China without the claw feet. My question is are the Henchman ladders legs compatible with the standard tripod? I'm lead to believe they are built in the same factory in China....can anyone confirm?!
  4. Sappie or tongs?

    Yep bit of a game changer. Got the Oregon long handled pick and husky tongues recently....WOW Why I didn't get them years ago I don't know but my god it saves the back. Well worth the small investment, I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone shifting logs around.
  5. Has anyone heard of Peruzzo?

    I reckon the Peruzzo was the original. All these companies seem to be a bit incestuous...look at Predator and Laski
  6. Has anyone heard of Peruzzo?

    Yes I've clocked this as well. Looks pretty much identical apart from the hopper! I've got a funny feeling it's the same machine as the CS100...which to be honest will make me pretty pissed off as I brought the greenmech last year at considerably more money.
  7. Anyone got a TP175??

    Just looking at this machine, price seems reasonable. I'm currently running a Jensen 530 & wondered how it would compare? Any reviews would be welcomed.
  8. Jensen A528

    I've got a couple of spare blades in the yard knocking about if your interested?
  9. Lost a chipper?

    Dosko I reckon
  10. Nissan Cabstar

    I've just got a new one! Not as wide as a transit or Iveco but it does have a longer body at just over 12ft. 5 year warranty, limited slip rear diff. Plenty of power, good with load although a bit bumpy without. Make sure you get mwb, twin rear wheels. I got a factory tipper but I'm having it converted to an arb spec back in August for £4k ish.
  11. Cs100 strapping down issues

    Cheers fella, makes perfect sense👍 Didn't think about opening the hopper🙄
  12. Cs100 strapping down issues

    Cheers for the offer mate👍 Will give the other guys ideas a bash first!
  13. Cs100 strapping down issues

    Thanks for your suggestions, much appreciated. They are a quite ungainly top heavy machine.
  14. Cs100 strapping down issues

    No tie down points internally...but was something I was going to! Will try your idea, cheers
  15. Cs100 strapping down issues

    I've only had the machine for about a month & love it to bits! My only issue is keeping it secure on the trailer which is an Ifor Williams P6. Now I'm using 3 ratchet straps properly secured to the front, back & middle...but every time I get to where I'm going it's moved & the straps are loose. I'm not going down the root of the specific trailer greenmech make for it I obviously want to carry on using the ifor. So does anyone have any tips regarding securing it?!?


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