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  1. Hi Ben. I would be interested in joining you at some point. I’m entering in the 3ATC comp at the Arb show this year so if I do ok I might enter more. I’ll give you a shout after the comp.
  2. im going to go round and see him i think thats probably the best way to handle it. quite disapointed really. but thanks to everyone for their comments, and it gives me some honest quotes to refer to when i see him
  3. would like to have thought that was the crack but he messaged my mum direct with the quote and skipped the agent, told him "i know her really well, leave it with me, ill sort it" and bi passed him.
  4. no idea sounds about right too if guys doing the job for a living are charging less than the man who probably has never felled a tree this big and scary before then it would be reasonable to say that he is taking the p
  5. on a slightly different note if any of you lads live near Stockton on tees let me know as it would save me a 6 hour round trip. or if some one wants to grind the stump out and leave me to fell it that could work as well.
  6. just said tackle doesnt come out for free but the quote in question doesn't include any kit other than a saw and the stump is being retained
  7. aaaarrr right i agree if your running tackle you need to charge. someone said that about their grinder, it doesnt come out for free even for mates. cant argue against that, the things cost a fortune
  8. by that i did not mean that you dont need insurance and i agree that you are stupid to not have it. however if someone was to pass their CS30/31 and get some insurance that still does not make that person a professional.
  9. what ST 6 chipper? the lad who quoted doesn't have one
  10. the back story was to clarify to will c as to why i was asking an unqualified and uninsured guy to drop a tree for me, a merely explained that i hadn't asked anybody to do it. also im happy with every ones quote, never said i disagreed with any off them.
  11. Thats exactly what i though, expensive anyway and just being cheeky calling it mates rates


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