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  1. I have a vacancy for someone self employed to help me with tree work.fencing,landscaping,firewood etc for a few days a week(i can be flexible to work around your commitments etc) Chainsaw experience is neccesary but training can be given for the other work.pay will be weekly.Please private message me or ring or text for more information on 07817264928.
  2. I may be looking for some part time help in herefordshire/shropshire helping me with Tree work,Landscaping,fencing and digger work.Some experience with chainsaws and machinery ie tractors,diggers would be good but willing to teach the right one.Send me a message if interested.thanks.
  3. I am near you honey monster.Have you any more details length heights etc of the job thanks..
  4. Sorry jon for late reply i change the oil every 6000 or sooner the filter on the td5 is a bit of a pig compared to the 200tdi i had before!!!
  5. Ive only got 84000 on my 90 td5 but my old disco had 140000.My uncles disco has got 200000.
  6. The rules have changed on farms its the 1st of september unless you have an exemption to plant osr or temporary grass.It is in last weeks farmers weekly.
  7. I am picking up a takeuchi tb 016 tomorow which hopefully is going to be my arb digger/fencing digger/anything digger!!!! Looking forward to it..
  8. Tommy 7840


    I think i need to start taking some pics of our trailers loaded!!! We do tend to be a bit agricutural in our amount we load on our trailers.I will start taking pics tomorow!!
  9. just put a brownchurch roof rack on my 90 havent used it yet but seemed a bargain at 45 quid!!!!
  10. Saw one today pretending a husky!!!!!
  11. I would like a mulching head on my mcconnell hedgecutter be great for two and three year growth!!
  12. been pricing today two nice little jobs!!! Dont think i could do much got this bloody lurgy now!!!
  13. Thats a nice bucket!!!! I should go and have a look at brightwells i havent been down there yet!!! What machine is your bucket on then r5?
  14. You have a fair point doobin.I have an old bucket(which is cracked) And we have a plasma cutter!!! Could be worth a go...


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