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  1. Thank you to those who replied, but Cut Your Own Throat, Man With A Van has negated the need for any further action [emoji35] Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  2. I'm looking for a second person to do a couple of days work with me on a job near Hereford, must have CS31 CS32 CS38 CS39 and a tipper we can chip into. Also having a chipper would be awesome but not essential. Job needs to be completed within next few weeks. PM if you want to chat. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  3. Nice one mate, I went to Blackpole Recycling today wow didn't realise what a bargain I've been getting. Minimum cost £30 then up to £60 per ton +Vat. Makes me think a chipper investment is required.
  4. Hello Anyone tell me where there is a green waste disposel site in worcester? I have used a private site but the landowner is selling up. Doh! So looking for somewhere new, it will be brash and general green waste and occasional chip. I can't even see to find any commercial tip sites that except drop off's Cheers Guys
  5. Ok cool, sounds good. I've found there site and I'll give them bell. Thanks again for heads up. That's two for two, I might just come straight to source next time. Lol.
  6. Ok that would be useful, thank you. Its only for a rasied bed area, but they want looking very formal otherwise I would have suggested Grade A used sleepers.
  7. Hello I'm looking to hire a stump grinder in for a days work, I'd rather hire on a self drive bases and do it myself as it's for a regular customer and as a result rather not subcontract the work. I could go to the usual hire places but rather use a Arb or Agri specialist and get a proper bit of kit. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know Many thanks
  8. Hello forum! I'm looking at a job near Shrewsbury and the client wants to use Sweet Chestnut, Douglas Fir or Green Oak sleepers They don't want any treated softwood cause they want to pay for longevity. Can anyone suggest suppliers of such sleepers in the local area and if they can give me a rough price as well that would be amazing. Many thanks
  9. Nice one, I'll defo give them a shoot and see what we can sort. Thanks again for that.
  10. Thanks guys, I knew the forum wouldn't let me down. I am concidering hiring a chipper I must admit, but it's good to know there's somewhere I can take it to and if your right 18 a ton that's a good price.
  11. Hello. I'm looking for yet more advise from the font of knowledge that is the Arb Talk forum. I've got some conifer monsters to reduce in a stoke post code area ST7 4QQ, it's for a friend otherwise I wouldn't be doing it cause I'm based in Worcester so I don't have any idea of my options. I won't have a chipper so it will be a trailer away job, not ideal but needs must. Can anyone tell me of local disposal sites and rough idea of cost per ton etc. Look forward hearing what you guys and girls have to say
  12. Thanks guys for the replies, I've had a few PMs with contact details which I've passed on, but if you want to just send me your contact deaths I'll willingly pass them on to the client as I am simply acting as a fixer for this particular job.
  13. Ok thanks for that. I've had some interest already but I will get in touch with him if nothing pans out.
  14. Hello I've been asked to quote for a feather edge board fencing job, it's located near Bromyard Worcestershire, at this present time I'm just to busy to consider taking on but need someone I can relay on to undertake it. It's my reputation as wel as there's so anyone untested please get in touch.


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