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  1. Thanks guys, I'll invest in a tripod ladder, I'll use it again in the future anyway! Darrin, the tree is nothing like that size, that tree could (and should have been) climbed. I'm not an idiot, I would never do something I feel to be beyond my capabilities. Thanks all the same!
  2. Quick, simple question - what is the best way to go about felling a tall, but thin/structurally weak tree that is too small to climb, but too large to fell because of fences/small garden size? Sounds ridiculous I know, but trees this small weren't covered in my recent training, and I don't have a decent sized ladder. The tree in question is a dual-stemmed eucalyptus, about 7-8m tall, but I can get my hands around the base of the stem. Thanks for any input
  3. It's a 2005 model, haven't seen the logbook yet, this is what it is listed as: "2005 CHEVROLET DOUBLE CAB Luv 3.0 TD Intercooler P/U (ISUZU RODEO)" I do also know that it is right-hand drive, so would that still class it as an import? I'll probably have to try and find this out from the seller, but thanks for your help anyway man! :thumbup:
  4. I've heard great things about the Isuzu pickups, but what I want to know is, just how similar is the Chevy LUV to the Isuzu D-Max? Does anybody have any info/experience with a Chevrolet LUV? If so, how are they, regarding performance, cost of parts etc? Do they use exactly the same parts as Isuzus D-Max? From what I've read, it's the same truck, just marketed under a different name. Found a great looking potential buy, but it seems to be priced a little cheaper than equivalent Isuzus, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any reason that might be (i.e. shoddy build quality, poor performance etc.). Thanks in advance, J
  5. Saw this the other day and wanted it. Love the big FORD logo on the front, but the one on the tailgate is not so good probably wouldn't love the MPG either!
  6. Stay away from Marlow Gecko - I have it and it's not great! XTC can be had for around the same price and it's so much better.
  7. Looks like it could be a little low on torque though..
  8. I wasn't expecting that when I clicked the thread! Looks awesome!
  9. Just found a 55 plate Hilux for just over £6000, done 157k miles. Sound like something I should go for? Thanks everyone so far for solid advice
  10. Here is the source video, for anybody interested (should go in the video section I know, but I didn't want to make another thread!) [ame= ] [/ame]
  11. I've been looking for a truck, looking to spend around £5000. I've seen a few decent 2007 Rangers, 2006 Navaras at around 100k miles for this price, but any comparable age/mileage Hilux always seems to be at least two grand more, mostly £3000. So, on to my questions: Are Hiluxs actually worth the extra money? Is a used Hilux less likely to cost me at MOTs/services than a Ranger of the same age? Would stretching to the extra £2-3k be more beneficial in the long run, re. depreciation, running costs, repair costs? Thanks in advance, J
  12. I had a near 45-degree limb to section off on my CS39 assessment a couple of months ago (it was probably about 35 degrees to be honest). It was a sycamore covered in moss, and it had rained all morning. I managed it though, my assessor said he would take the weather and the branch difficulty into account if I made any minor mistakes. I climbed facing the branch with my feet on the side of it, rather than being directly on top which wasn't really possible. Being new to the arb world, I would like some tips too from you experienced guys!


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