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  1. div_h

    makita EA 6100

    3rd that top bloke 👍👍 Shavey will look after you
  2. 😂😂 second handness Sure it's a 2012 it looks like crap it owes me 150 but would let it go for 100
  3. Got a stihl km56 bare engine unit, got it to use as a strimmer and hedge cutters but use my hl75 and a fs400 so don't need it
  4. Put the dolmush back together for its new owner to sort:thumbdown:
  5. div_h


    £5o missing the exhaust but he says it runs
  6. div_h


    Did you get my email about the 117?
  7. div_h


    Your the man!!
  8. div_h


    just filled the spool in mine with square yellow stihl stuff
  9. Haha I'm sure they won't mind let me know how you get on
  10. 😂😂 knew what you meant 👍
  11. Nice 1 👍 I bought a KM56 with no attachments, only wanted a long reach hedge cutters but got a hl75 for half the price of just hedge cutters for a km!
  12. Will the attachments fit something else like a KM unit?
  13. Dolmar 5015 😞 It's got a nasty air leak at the clutch side crank seal! Already spoke to Andrew about a possible trade and buying a new saw or repair it


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