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  1. Level 4 distance learning courses

    IM just finishing l4 now at treelife and booked to do level6. Dont worry about the money and do it! - You'll easily save that money as you won't have time to go out and spend it anyway
  2. Advice on career developmet

    Hi Good to hear you keen and enjoying the tree work. I can vouch for the level 2 ABC course. I did mine with HCC (Horticultural Correspondence College), distance learning which worded out well. If you come down south do it at Tree Life wich is distance learning with about 13 lectures. They I think most people would agree they are the best arb learning providers, Good luck dan

    <p>Hi there I was reading through some old posts on arbtalk about doing the level 6 course at Tree life. Like you am am just over half way through level four and contemplating doing my level 6.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I thought I would msg you to see how you got on as I'm a little undecided on what to do.</p>

    <p>- Did you find level 6 much harder than 4?</p>

    <p>- Was it a lot more work?</p>

    <p>- How did you find doing 3 plus intense years of study in a row? (im guessing you did that)</p>

    <p>- Did you think it was worth it? </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Thanks in advance,</p>

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  4. Pigeon stops tree removal

    save the pigeons. Get a job as a game keeper or something if you wanna get paid for killing wildlife.
  5. DdRT up; SRT down?

    well done. Not many have. I dont think youll need it in tree work but I think its better than the blake hitch with the climbing rope IMO. That was the hardest part of the course for me learning that bloody knot which I would never use. Good luck with the job. Im sure youll find a simple solution,
  6. DdRT up; SRT down?

    Hi. Im also a Dan from Bath. Your making this way to complicated. I see 3 options if you cant leave your self some kind of anchor here and keep it simple: 1.cut ivy back. IT grows back 2. spike down only damaging the ivy 3. use s cambium saver or make one with a sling/strop and crab Worse that can ever happen is you leave something behind, lowering of it. In rock climbing it is done often. Use a rope doubled so you can pull it down. Its possable to absail without a special device to-Look up munter hitch. Its worth thinking about these things as an escape plan if you are ever in the ****.
  7. what is more dangerous a compression, included or tensile fork

    Thanks guys! I just hit the books and found the answer in Body language of trees. I nearly fell asleep though! Love it really but I'm finding the branch attachment thing a bit hard to grasp. Thanks for the links JaySmith. I'm looking forward to going through that and it will be really helpful for another assignment. daltontrees you are cruel but I understand and appreciate the post. Its good to hear from people on hear as theirs a lot of knowledge and experience.
  8. what is more dangerous a compression, included or tensile fork

    Thanks. I have 'Principles of Tree Hazard Assessment and Management' which is great. I don't have it on me today though. I'm doing level 4 treelife course at Westonburt. That's great too.! We have studied Slater's attachment theory a little. I have not got my head around that subject yet but I don't think I'm the only one!
  9. what is more dangerous a compression, included or tensile fork

    Your right. I failed to spot that detail. I mean in general, regardless of location and other details. Is there a correct or clear answer? I think have seen more compression and included faliures but maybe that's down to working mostly in peoples gardens where trees are more crowded.
  10. Hi people! I have to answer this question for my course work but it has me a bit stuck on research material so I wonder if any one can help. Thanks in advance! What is more dangerous a compression, included or tensile fork? I'm thinking included the most dangerous because of bad connection or bark acting like a crack then maybe compression but that's a guess.
  11. hello! As the title says I am looking for work. I have my own transport, tools, insurance and a clear schedule. I have current cs 30,31,38,39. Thanks for reading and please get in touch. I can send a cv on request dan 07599778085,danthemanwhocan@hushmail.com


    <p>Ive seen your ad on arbtalk looking for a full time climber.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I would like to be considered for the role and am free work on a self employed basis so you get to know me. </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I have a less experience than you asked for and I still need to get my trailer ticket as I failed my test recently. I have cs 30,31,38 and 39 tickets and over a years full time quality work experience including a recent spell in Oslo. </p>

    <p>I am keen to spend as much time climbing as possible but am happy to do my time on the ground too as I still have a bit more too learn. </p>

    <p> </p>




    <p><a href="mailto:" rel="">danthemanwhocan@hushmail.com</a></p>


  13. Tree identification

    theres loads of elms so its hard for me to say but witch elm is fairly common and has bigger seeds than others. I doubt its a alder
  14. Tree identification

    witch elm or similar I think. They have seed like that. Lots here in Oslo
  15. self employed advice please

    Does anyone know of any such templates I could download of the internet?


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