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  1. they are great! brilliant expression on the tortoise
  2. if this helps the definition in the book, "afterlife of a tree," says:
  3. yes burned in using hot piece of metal like a pencil to colour them in bit by bit because the blow torch splashes the colour out too widely onto everything else
  4. Some lockdown work to keep the forum current Yew cranium Oak relief work this was more difficult than it looks Oak kind of druid
  5. bens

    Lock Down?

    does being at home include being in your garden - whats your opinion?
  6. bens


    thanks for the encouragement starting to find that !
  7. i put the mantle in at just over 500mm from the woodburner
  8. https://youtu.be/V1LgGfhVVjg shed seven chasing rainbows
  9. they look ace that are great pieces of wood wisewood & peckerwood they make mine seem really amateur
  10. these are some of my efforts at carving to try and help keep the forum fresh figure in cedar of lebanon done using 40cc then back handle 193 with carving bar chain and sanded with 5inch spinner / belt sander fox in alder with burned on features all with 193 carving saw owls in fir one sanded smooth other left rough again 193 carving saw still got a way to go but improving slowly
  11. tree life ac do a summary version of 3998 which may be enough for the course level question it is cheaper than the full BS but still costs £35 http://www.treelifeac.co.uk/bs3998
  12. i did L2 arboriculture with HCC a couple of years ago & got a student card with it had to apply to NUS to get it
  13. hi - i do safety so know a bit of the legal stuff the legal stuff is defined by the HSW Act which requires your employer to consider your safety at all times Under the HSW Act the Management of HS Regulations are given legal status. The MHS Regs explicitly state that all employers are to consider emergency procedures Work at height causes so many injuries that it has its own Regulations under the HSW act. The Regs require that all work at height is properly planned and organised. This is a legal must. By not considering rescue it is perhaps questionable as to whether works are properly planned and organised. The AA ICOP guide for work at height defines the best practice for applying the WAH regs to arboriculture. By following their guidance the law will have been complied with, although the guidance itself is not mandatory. It is located at https://www.trees.org.uk/Trees.org.uk/files/aa/aaa89992-0539-4615-9af4-32b0582a13f4.pdf On page 31 it states when using rope access and positioning for tree work the ICOP requires that consideration is given both to rescue and all potential rescue scenarios. in my limited experience a lot of small firms presume that things will not go wrong for them as compliance with the regs just eats into profit and holiday funds and if they haven't had an incident don't always realise its hidden consequences. would encourage you to assess whether you feel safe and make a decision based on that, as your employer most likely won't be at your hospital bedside or helping you learn to walk again...


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