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  1. Didn't realise they did hand held hydraulic saws I just thought they were on machines, wood processors and forestry head on diggers etc
  2. I'm looking for a large saw to ring up timber for a few hours a day sometimes so I don't think cordless is upto the job
  3. Hi all, I'd like a large electric chainsaw for ringing up timber for firewood, either run from the mains or a generator. I have big powerful petrol ones and my yard is fairly remote but I'd like to have a quieter saw just to be courteous to the rest of the village especially when sawing for several hours. Does such a tool exist, roughly ms440 size would be ideal. Thanks
  4. if you use facebook theres a group on there called modified majors with some real anoraks who love giving advice and can help source parts for conversions, if you dont have facebook id recommend signing up just to join the group edit. there hundreds of pictures of other peoples conversions on the and the cargo engine is one the favorites to use
  5. what about hiring a mini skidsteer with a auger, boxer, kanga etc. theyll go anywhere a wheelbarrow will go access wise.
  6. apologies if this has been said before but it makes me laugh that mendip jon put a thread about red diesel in the arb trucks forum, or maybe you can get away with more in the mendip hills:001_rolleyes:
  7. i reckon somewhere between £10 and £1000
  8. theres so much crap on there nowadays
  9. The perkins engined masseys are quite thirsty but bulletproof, my 590 likes to drink it but its a solid engine
  10. just a few which might fit the bill case 885,856,995,4240 etc david brown/case 1490/94, 1590/94 ford 6610,7610,7740,7840, 7810 but there very pricey john deere 2650, 3050 massey ferguson 690, 390 those are the common makes but others like deutz, zetor, fiat are worth considering too
  11. a member on here was going to make one about domestic arb i think with buyable trucks and chippers etc.
  12. Hi everyone, a few years ago there was someone trying to start a arb based simulation game, i cant find the thread but i was wondering if anything ever came of it
  13. i love old archive film especially farming, ive never come across that video before so thanks for sharing it, i found it very interesting:thumbup:
  14. it has the potential to be a really interesting program but instead its just staged arguments and drama


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