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  1. I'm no tree surgeon, or have any experience with full on tree work, but (without reading 4 pages either).... It may have sustained an 'injury', but I'd like to see the tree saved as best it can... I just feel people these days are felling fully grown / mature trees nearly just for the for the hell of it, or using some H&S / PC bull shine to do so... Then planting new 'twigs' in their place that people will never see come to fruition... Are you going to wait 300 !YEARS! To see that 'twig' in all it's glory again???
  2. What have I missed..??? Been in a class room all week doing ADR training....
  3. Positive they're on the entrance 'hill'...
  4. Building on the former St Georges Mental Hospital...?? It's taken this long to make a start...??? Also, if it's the trees are where I think they are (they're basically holding up a bankside at one of the entrances), someone's going to have a land slip in their garden soon then....
  5. No mow here. This year, I feel like ripping it up and starting again. The garden's north facing, so after any damage is done, it doesn't seem to want to recover. So over the years it looks like a war zone with scuffs and divots everywhere that haven't healed...
  6. Ricky Gervais got it right too regarding the removal of warning signs on bleach bottle too..... [ame] [/ame] Try and ignore all the Brexit stuff though....
  7. Gone and got the boom stick... It's a 'Poli Nicoletta' side by side 9mm garden gun. Never even heard of them...
  8. Private companies won't take the hit if they're subbing to a council.... The council will foot the bill... As an example... The council round here subs nearly everything out to private companies.... You want to see the 'new' gear these companies have now, since being subbed to.....!
  9. 9mm garden gun will 'hopefully' be arriving tomorrow..... So either two will happen now... Either the neighbours will agree with me, and let me get on and deal with the little *******s, or they'll have the boys in blue out in no time... So if I don't post for a while in the future... You'll know why......
  10. CBD, or THC oil....???? Tell more...?
  11. Got two fenn traps down, along with the poison blocks, (not in the same place though), and they don't bother with them either.... I have 'weathered' them when I first got them 3 years ago, so the newness is definitely gone from them, so still don't understand what I maybe doing wrong...?
  12. Can't really believe it.... Been watching two for the most of the morning, just messing about at the top of the garden!!! I put / screwed down some bait blocks around the garden just over a week ago, and they're not interested in them! Anyone know of a good plan B???
  13. Wife's done / tried everything out there, until recently...... She's got Crohns and Ankylosing Spondylitis... So the exercise side of things is basically a no no. Pain isn't the word, even for when doing normal day to day stuff. She's on all kinds of medication / steroids for her Crohns and AS, and so has gained a little weight. She's tried every diet thing going, and not one has worked - until now.... It's something called the 'Terri Ann 123' diet... On reading her books, I don't think it's a diet, more like an eating plan... No more weighing / measuring like in many other diets. Just change 'what' you eat. Cut out the carbs, sugars and any processed stuff etc, and eat more meats* and greens... *It does not limit you either to only 'white' chicken meat, or fish. You can have loads of red meat too.
  14. ....And here's me thinking it was asking about the stump grinder guy that I saw on DIY SOS a couple of days ago....
  15. Wasn't called 'Nick' was he...???


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