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  1. Hi I've got a few days free this week so looking for work climbing or groundie, I have Cs 30/31/38/39/47/48 ua1/2.1/2.2/5/5.1 chipper and grinder tickets and first aid up to date. 07718363040 Thanks
  2. I've pmd you, I did try to call but haven't managed to catch you
  3. Hi I'm looking for contacts in the Bordeaux to Bergerac regions of France, arborists interested in subby climber or employed, utility companies running teams etc will look at all opportunities, I also have my surveyor tickets and will have my pti by time I'm over, I'm going to be over next week to visit and hopefully find work for once the move is finalised. All help appreciated
  4. Had initial problems with hot start but love it now it's working correct and find it a great saw to use
  5. I find mine great, use it every time I climb, simple to use and remove from the ground after a climb, the best thing I have purchased and well worth the money.
  6. <p>Hi I've read through the posts on France thread, I'm thinking of going employed if I first go over or just subby climb initially, I've been offered a nice property over there and wondering about prospects going employed there</p>

  7. Might be worth phoning your local hauliers where it's going and asking if they'll pick it up and drop it off on a back load as could well do it cheaper and they'll be able to use the correct locks on a flat bed which will be safer, back loads can charge peanuts as it's free money for them
  8. Just watched an idiot trying to hold up a 60ft tree he's cut through from falling by trying to hold it back up, is it me or is this program an amazing opportunity to see bad practise
  9. Hi are both websites the same company?
  10. 660 had problems with chain brake locking on when hot or not locking on when hot, I'm not that keen on Stihl anyway though, I do just find husqy get on with me better, I find them more comfortable to use
  11. Not keen on the 660 as seem faults with them, though I'm going of Stihl in general.
  12. Thankyou for advice 395 is where I'll go.
  13. Thanks what things break what problems have you had with them.
  14. Hi I'm looking at investing in a large saw as I'm finding I could do with a 36" bar more often then I thought, has anyone got experience with husqy 395 or 3120 and could you tell me the faults and usability of both/either that you have had. Thanks
  15. Silver birch dismantle, willow prune and shape 4 overgrown conifer kills and an evaluation of a very rotten sycamore that had a tpo and customer hadn't got permission for dismantle yet.I wanted to post pics but can't see how too.


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