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  1. Adam M

    Ticks away!

    Collect them up when they're engorged and pretend that they're olives, but tastier.
  2. Adam M

    Dying Redwoods

    I've got a couple of three which I can see from my office which are looking dreadful. I'd put it down to root disturbance catching up with them. No other symptoms apart from dieback. I'm sure I've heard a few other people talking about dying Wellies too.
  3. Adam M

    TPO Tree v Recently built garage

    Councils do just that. Poole BC are quite well into POC.
  4. Adam M

    TPO Tree v Recently built garage

    I meant in the wider context, where an extension would otherwise have been PD but to build it they have to carry out a prohibited activity e.g. root severence for foundations or pruning to fit it in. The PD rights don't trump the TPO therefore surely an app of some sort should be required?
  5. Adam M

    TPO Tree v Recently built garage

    Just out of interest, how do others approach otherwise PD apps where trees may be affected? Rightly or wrongly, I take them as tpo apps with relevant 5837 bits, but should they be dealt with as standard planning apps?
  6. Adam M

    massive basal swelling on tulip tree

    What became of this tree? Did you get to the bottom of what was causing the swelling?
  7. Adam M

    TPO Replacement Tree Sizes

    Replacement planting is a duty and shouldn't be used as punishment. The goal is to ensure successful establishment and this is much likelier in smaller trees.
  8. Adam M

    Worthy of a TPO?

    I've served a tpo on my way way home on Christmas Eve before. It definitely gets me in the festive mood. I wanted to do a 12 days of Christmas once.... On the 5th day of Christmas the council served on me a T RRRRRR N Etc.
  9. Adam M

    Worthy of a TPO?

    Probably would have facepalmed 🤦‍♂️ Luckily the layman doesn't understand the finer details of tpo's and the first they found there was a problem was when they were served with a new tpo.
  10. Adam M

    Worthy of a TPO?

    If its not yet confirmed, PINS won't validate the appeal but may hold the appeal in abayance until confirmed. I've been in the situation where I've not been able to find evidence of confirmation on a pre-me tpo and had to knock up a new tpo, grovel to PINS and let them know once confirmed. Appeal opened and subsequently dismissed. Everyone's a winner. Apart from the appellant.
  11. Adam M

    Worthy of a TPO?

    So the tree officer not only becomes judge Judy and executioner, they also have their cake and eat it.
  12. Adam M

    Worthy of a TPO?

    Unless the area was seriously lacking in trees, I'd probably let this one go.
  13. Adam M

    Poole Borough Council case

    Absolutely. In fact, when I posted the tpo, I added an attempt at humour based around counting the rings but decided what I'd written wasn't as humerous as it was in my head so I deleted it.
  14. Adam M

    Poole Borough Council case

    http://webapps1.poole.gov.uk/mapthatdocuments/TPO_documents/TPO1/0/0181.pdf Not only an area TPO, but a 59 year old area TPO.


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