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  1. Bs3936

    Google bs3936 pdf and the world's your oyster.
  2. Legality

    Something something Charles Mynors something something branch just needs to overhang or root something something grow under the boundary to become a nuisance and able to be pruned as an exception. Just needs to be tested in court according to him, which it almost was once.
  3. Interesting Tree failure - girdling roots?

    Attics full of early mature Cedrus libani with branches popping out through the roof tiles?
  4. Any come back against local authority?

    That diversion looks like it applies only to the Ninky Nonk.
  5. Trees In My Neighbours garden

    A few bird scarers set to go off from 4am too.
  6. Maria Stebbings, summing up the mood of the nation.
  7. Interesting Tree failure - girdling roots?

    Good article
  8. Council verge

    That's a bit harsh. If matey lacks confidence to determine a price, it doesn't mean he doesn't belong in the industry. Plenty of people can work perfectly well just are not great at pricing.
  9. Post planning tree removal

    TO's spread to thinnly on the ground and not able to keep up with site monitoring.
  10. Post planning tree removal

    Depends on wording of the condition. It may state that if trees are removed, die or become seriously defective in X amount of years after completion, that they shall be replaced blah blah blah.
  11. Developers ?!?!

    If they aren't working to approved plans and damage has occurred and is likely to continue, a temp stop notice would hit them in the pocket.
  12. Like you say, support it as you have done although maybe think about loosening it off a little if you have cranked it up. Also, stomp down any lifted soil so that it's firm around the roots. Give it a water and spread some good woodchip mulch 100mm depth to 2m from base. Remove the artificial support in two years.
  13. Repollarding with conservation area

    What I copy/pasted came straight from the gov tpo/ca guidelines page.
  14. Repollarding with conservation area

    In the interest of reducing the number of notices/apps; What about section 211 notices for more than one operation? Only one section 211 notice is needed to carry out a number of different operations on the same tree or to carry out work on a number of trees. To avoid the need for repeated notices over a relatively short period of time, one notice may, where appropriate, be submitted for repeated operations, phased works or programmes of work.
  15. Repollarding with conservation area

    Yes, give notice that you want to repollard and repeat on whatever cycle you think best.


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