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  1. Adam M

    Poole Borough Council case

    Absolutely. In fact, when I posted the tpo, I added an attempt at humour based around counting the rings but decided what I'd written wasn't as humerous as it was in my head so I deleted it.
  2. Adam M

    Poole Borough Council case

    http://webapps1.poole.gov.uk/mapthatdocuments/TPO_documents/TPO1/0/0181.pdf Not only an area TPO, but a 59 year old area TPO.
  3. Adam M

    Poole Borough Council case

    https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/17361841.tree-felling-at-parkstone-golf-club-the-saga-continues/ Unhelpful update. The suspense continues.
  4. Adam M

    Tougher Control on Urban Tree Felling?

    Someone kindly pointed out that the burden of public consultation (100m2) could be anyone within 6m of the tree, rather than within 100m of the tree as I initially thought.
  5. Adam M

    Tougher Control on Urban Tree Felling?

    I went through this with my team yesterday. The consultation side of things shouldn't affect us a great deal as we only carry out works in accordance with our tree safety policy so would rely on the exemptions a great deal. Plus we don't have much in the way of what they define as street trees. No nuisance abatement exemption though (think street trees implicated in subsidence). If the path or a statutory undertaker's pipe is knackered then they're apparently fair game. The reporting side and mandatory tree strategy side of things look burdensome though. Recording numbers of trees felled/planted on development sites? Ouch. Smells like tax returns later presented as league tables. Delegate that to the arb consultants to report on on satisfactory completion. We have a strategy already and I'm in process of reviewing so not too bothersome but for those without, will government make money/resource available to draw up? What if they don't? It's a good thing ultimately but I can see councils with a single tree officer (or less) tearing their hair out.
  6. Adam M

    Tougher Control on Urban Tree Felling?

    The excemptions would get you off the hook for most consultations. The ones you'll have to bother people about would be the ones where matey has complained about aphids and the local councillor puts their weight behind nobbling the aphid mothership.
  7. Adam M

    Poole Borough Council case

    Could just use the FC's website to look for whether any felling licenses applicable. (lol 😂)
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6501127/Exclusive-golf-club-faces-investigation-cutting-36-protected-trees.html Looks like a case of proving/disproving the presence of a felling license. Unsure why this has made the national media.
  9. Adam M

    Wellingtonia felled by idiots!

    I see what you mean now. Is there any point in pushing for a case to be heard at Crown Court then if Magistrates can bosh out a fine of their choosing?
  10. Adam M

    Wellingtonia felled by idiots!

    Yes, that was my understanding.
  11. Adam M

    Stupid mistakes you've made doing tree work

    Was stood on the towbar of a really ghetto forwarder on some rather uneven ground, lifting a load of ash stems. Forgot to put the legs down and got a bit keen with the lift and the forwarder started to roll in slow motion. I had to jump off in the direction of the roll while the bastard thing tipped over.
  12. Adam M

    Tpo works question

    Annex C (from memory) describes severe crown reduction. Its quite feasible that the works can be in accordance with 3998.
  13. Adam M

    Wellingtonia felled by idiots!

    Chuff all (2400) as the developer had a nice piece of paper from one of our planners telling them no protected trees on site. Helpful.
  14. Adam M

    Wellingtonia felled by idiots!

    Thanks Edward, I can see your workings. You might be right. I had this discussion with a judge in the Magistrates a few weeks ago and he told me I was wrong about his ability to only fine up to £20k. I didn't want to upset him so agreed to disagree.


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