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  1. I was looking kayak repair videos, best!
  2. Thanks guys, I was looking for hours how to... It seems that there is no glue really for this kind of plastic. I'll empty the can and try to use a hot screwdriver to melt the crack a bit than melt some of the same High density P. E. plastic. It is a horizontal crack on the oil part under the thread. Will bloody work! Criss cross fingers! Cheers
  3. Didn't come through, I think:)
  4. Hiya, I'm looking for a glue that works on my Husky fuel can. I presume it made of plastic polyethylene like petrol cans in general. Reviews are contradicting each other how effective they are. I bought Gorilla Weld and there is a note in the very corner that it is not recommended for polyethylene. Bulls* Help, please! Cheers!
  5. Just like my Skoda, I need to get VWagen parts to fix it
  6. Hello folks, Can't believe that there are no spares for Stihl logging tape measure in The UK. Suppliers couldn't help. Only source online is from the USA. What are you doing when need to replace screws, nylon guide post? Cheers!
  7. Great, pal! I'll get in touch with them soon.
  8. Thanks buddy! No doubt that something serious is going on over the bridge [emoji4]
  9. Hi, I'm planning to move to Wales in a month or two, preferably to Newport, Gwent. I'm willing to relocate. I've got recent tickets up to medium tree felling, 1th Aid + F. Also have climbing and areal rescue ticket but haven't climbed much so far. I'm self employed though I would consider going into employment. If you would be able to keep me busy please give me a ring. All the best and a Happy New Year to you! Cheers, Rob 07459327004 robert.manfelltrees@gmail.com
  10. Hi, I'm available this Tuesday, 29th and probably on Friday as well. I can do odd or fix days in the future. I'm from BRIDGWATER...(). I've got CS 30, 31, 32, First Aid+F, climbing and rescue (haven't climbed much). All are up to date. I have got experience in forestry and as a groundy. Rob 07459327004
  11. Hi Josh, You can give me a call when you are in need. I live in Bridgwater now but happy to travel. I do have experience in forestry, and as a groundy. I have CS 30, 31, 32 , first aid + F and also climbing and rescue ticket but I haven't climbed much yet. I can do odd days for you. Please, get back to me! All the best, Rob 07459327004
  12. Hi, I'm looking for someone who needs to do the windblown assessment! It would be 1day in Somerset area somewhere or close. Preferably on a Saturday. I've got the assessor sorted, nice bloke. Please, get in touch, Rob 07459327004 Cheers
  13. Cheers guys! Helped a lot. Assessment is in two days. I saw colleagues using the winch, that will be enough ehhh
  14. Hi woodies, Could someone help me with the practical bit of wincing off trees over 380mm,please? What are the dos and don'ts? I would be very pleased if you could scan the adequate pages for me:) Thanks for your help! robertt790@gmail.com


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