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  1. This one is gold!
  2. Cheers guys! Helped a lot. Assessment is in two days. I saw colleagues using the winch, that will be enough ehhh
  3. Hi woodies, Could someone help me with the practical bit of wincing off trees over 380mm,please? What are the dos and don'ts? I would be very pleased if you could scan the adequate pages for me:) Thanks for your help! robertt790@gmail.com
  4. Hi, Do you do weekends sometimes? I'm busy Mo-Fri but I could do groundsmaning Sat or Sun. Thanks, 07459327004 Rob
  5. Hi there, I'm a bit short on money so I would like to fill one day on weekends. I've got all recent tickets up to 380mm, First Aid at Work + F, Climbing and Rescue. (I did very little climbing so far.) I work in Forestry Mo-Fri. I can work with climbers as groundy as well. I'm in Bridgewater and happy to travel 1-1.5hour max. Please get in touch! 07459327004 Rob
  6. Which area you are at? I need to do the ticket too very soon. I'm in Bridgewater. Cheers
  7. I'm looking for two other chaps to join into a large tree felling course in Somerset area. So they can start the training and don't need to wait. If you are interested, get in touch and we can discuss the details. 07459327004 robert.manfelltrees@gmail.com
  8. Roby

    Ticks away!

    These are another layer!!! Nooo:) I prefer shorts. I'd like something that scares these f-ers away but not a chemical. I know they hate Levander and Rosemary...
  9. Roby

    Ticks away!

    Thank you Hair on your chest! Good staff.
  10. Roby

    Ticks away!

    Hello dear friends, I'm looking into ways to keep ticks away so I wouldn't need to scratch my flash off down to bone. Anyone applies herbs on their clothes or use a certain washing liquid which works well? Thank you for sharing your masterity! bye
  11. Hi there, I am from Bristol and available for a week or two at the beginning of March as a groundsman, cutter. I am not sure when my current job finishes exactly at the moment. I have 6 months experience in forestry. I do have full PPE, equipment with Husky 550 (15"), and transport (not 4x4). My current certificates: CS 30; 31; 38; 39, First Aid at Work + F. I have got basic climbing gear but I have got no experience working in the tree yet. I am excited to get to know new ppl in the industry and happy to travel. Please, get in touch! Rob 07459327004 robert.manfelltrees@gmail.com
  12. If you visit Swindon area you definitely want to check out Severnake forest with Big Belly...
  13. Roby

    Looking for...

    Hi there, I'm looking for some groundsman type of work to fill the gap until 8 January (except Wednesday 2nd Jan). Qualifications: CS 30, 31, 38, 39, First Aid at Work. Based in Bristol but happy to travel 1-1.5hs. Many thanks, Rob 07459327004; robertt790@gmail.com
  14. Hi there, I'm a beginner self-employed person and I'm trying to do the tax return on my own with the aid of an application. I started off in September 2018. Do I need to file a tax return now you think? Many thanks! Rob
  15. Okay, guys, it is nice you are worrying for others but the main topic is how to decrease the expenses of the training and assessment. Please, if you can give some advice, contacts in the subject. Who ever started up a chainsaw and working with it probably have their fears and understand that all individual need underpinning knowledge before chopping can begin. Be safe everyone!


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