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  1. We get plain white ones here, beautiful things
  2. Looks like a plume moth? We get them in the garden occasionally
  3. Thanks. That doesn't sound too bad, considering. And yes, with prices only going up at the moment payback isn't likely to take too long for those who have the money to hand.
  4. I'd be interested to know what sort of quotes she's getting and for what size of system, if you wouldn't mind? My understanding is that what was a 10k system before the pandemic is now 15k, or even more. (That's for panels and batteries)
  5. Unfortunately, prices for solar panels and batteries have gone up a lot since pre pandemic, and all the decent installers are booked up for months. Still tempting though. Hope I've got enough wood for this winter anyway.
  6. Don't their wings make it hard to weave the rope?!
  7. As I've commented elsewhere before (in fact that's my thread above I see!) electric splitters have their place. I've got a knackered wrist so can't do much axe (X27) splitting any more, so borrowed a 6t forest master duocut. On easy splitting ash the axe (with a tyre to hold the logs) is definitely quicker, but the FM was good - very few things stalled it, including horrible gnarly stuff I couldn't have done with an axe even when my wrist was good.
  8. Fair. I thought for my level of usage there was no point in buying one of each. I will get a better set of bits, and some new screws and see if that helps. I do indeed have a dad box of screws and odds and ends that will come in useful one day😀
  9. Thanks Sime. Yes, it's brushless. Never used this one too hard, but the front of the chuck has dropped off from time to time, I thought it was user error. Removed the chuck and the internal torx screw seems tight. Will try some better screws and see what happens!
  10. Thanks spud. Not sure which part of it is wobbling, will pull it apart when I get a chance and have a look. Hope it's just the screw...
  11. Just to update this, I've not used the driver too much, but there seems to be a bit of a wobble on the chuck. Makes it hard to drill straight, and it also seems to strip screw heads. Not sure if this is me, or using old screws I've accumulated over the years, but it will drive them (into pre drilled holes) about 2/3 of their length, then just demolishes the screw head. This is with the driver in screw mode (not drill) and on minimum torque. The driver will stop if I hold the chuck, but the screw heads don't seem to provide enough resistance to stop the driver, so it just destroys them. If i feather the trigger ever so gently, I can probably get another half turn or so, but it doesn't seem to work as I think it should. Am I missing something? I don't have any hex or socket head screws to try for a comparison...
  12. Yeah. I used to stack logs in a tyre on my chopping block and whack them into pieces quickly with the Fiskars. Wrist means I can't do that much now. The FM will split big / awkward / gnarly bits I couldn't do with the axe, but it's slower on straight grained easy stuff.
  13. Never tried a Rock splitter, but a 7 ton forest master duocut has served me well recently. Slower than my X27, but a buggered wrist means the axe isn't a good option any more. Split some big and gnarly pieces.
  14. I'd be interested in an idea of cost, please? Feel free to PM.


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