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  1. We live in a similarly damp (70-80% humidity, lots of condensation), old, stone Welsh house by a stream. Two woodburners, one 5kw in the living room which sucks from the room, and a bigger 8kw ish in the kitchen with direct air (not room sealed, I can feel a draught coming into the room from the air inlet to the stove!). Overall, the kitchen is drier - but it's not a fair comparison, as the kitchen is more modern, draughtier, used more and further from the stream! Only 10m or so, but that may be enough to make a difference? Looked at PVI / MVHR type stuff, but the chap we had out to quote was a bit too glib and salesman-y, I wasn't convinced it would work in our big, old, draughty house. I bought a window / water vacuum instead, which does a good job of removing the condensation.
  2. Not lime mortar, on a house that looks pretty aged? Neat job, looks a pain to do!
  3. Thanks. The business end didn't get wet, just the engine end- but will check it anyway.
  4. Hi all Went a bit deeper than I meant to in our stream and dunked my hedge trimmer (2 stroke) which promptly conked out. I pulled it out, drained the fuel and put fresh in, took out the air filter, emptied the water, sprayed penetrating oil over the carb and plug etc. and eventually managed to get it started again. I ran it for 20 mins or so to heat it up and dry it out, then left it for a while. 2 hours later it was quite hard to start, but I got there eventually and let it run for another ten minutes with the odd rev. It needs a new air filter (currently running without one, they seem quite hard to find) but is there anything else I should do to it? I'm not going to need to use it for another couple of weeks, probably. Should it be dry enough now not to rust inside? Thanks
  5. Ha, yes - I understand that. But not how all the bits go together and how the whole thing is adjusted and run. (Obviously, I do understand the basics). Essentially, I couldn't do what s/he's doing, and I'm impressed.
  6. I don't totally understand what you're doing here, but I'm impressed by it.
  7. Did you install mesh in the baffle plate Stubby, or just drill some small holes? I have a similar Burley and the baffle plate (with mesh to trap the soot) does seem flimsy.
  8. Have a look at Kris Harbour on YouTube, he built a bandsaw from scratch:
  9. That's also impressive growth, and a bit surprising- as nitens have grown a lot less well for me. Maybe 1/3 the height of Neglecta, and 1/10th the diameter, though the nitens have taken off a bit this year. I'd guess my Neglecta is about 20-25 foot high? pic of whole tree hopefully below. (Nitens at front right)
  10. Just to refresh this topic, my Neglecta are ready for coppicing! Phenomenal growth, must be 25 foot tall now. Will coppice this winter, or maybe pollard... Pollard would be a bit more convenient, but I think they're likely to recover better from coppicing low down.
  11. If they're off the ground and protected against rain, quite a long time. What wood?
  12. Went for a swim in my little stream the other day - cold as balls! (The water comes off the Brecon beacons). Not as pretty as your pics either.
  13. Thanks. That's a lot of wood you can get through! I doubt I have one day's processing for you in that case. Will gather it all up and see.
  14. What's your small processor? And what's it max capacity? I do have a small tractor, but it can only lift 500kg or so. Access isn't really that bad, the logs can be gathered by the house, though it would be easier if they were in the paddock...
  15. Thanks, good point. The house is accessible to a transit van sized vehicle, and the paddock is optional! Will take some pics when I've managed to gather the wood together.
  16. Hi all As above, really. I've got a few ash trees (small to medium, and and a few big old trunk sections - but they can and probably will be left to rot) felled into manageable chunks, but I have tendonitis and don't really fancy logging and splitting them myself at the moment. Anyone in the Chepstow area with a small ish processor (access not wonderful) who'd have a look at it / see what they could get done in a day? I can probably move it all into one location if that helps, but said location is up a steep bank and through a 9' gate into a paddock, so this may actually make matters worse! Thank you.
  17. Cheers all. I don't mind how it looks, I just want it to last. But I guess even dry and cracked, it will outlast me! Will slosh some oil on if I get a chance.
  18. Thanks. I don't mind the grey, but there are cracks and it just looks dry and tired.
  19. Hi all We have an oak beam (external) on our garage, and it's looking rather grey and pale and cracking. I'd like to give it a coat or three of oil or something to protect it. I've got teak oil and linseed oil - would either of these suit? Or is there something better by Osmo or whoever? I'll sand it back then apply something by brush I think... Thanks.
  20. Done a bit of googling, and you seem to be right. Have seen the odd rat here, but not seen any bigger holes with the spray of material as you describe. Hopefully they're living elsewhere! Probably the stream...
  21. Yes, lots of tracks and runs in the grass, and lots of mice! Mind you, we might have voles too, we are near a stream and woodlands. The ones i think are mouse holes are maybe 2/3 golf ball size? Table tennis ball size, maybe!
  22. Isn't that quite big for a vole? Rat? Have similar in our paddock, unless they're just big mouse holes.
  23. Anyone used the Lidl one? I'm guessing with a 6.5m/s chain speed it's fairly slow?
  24. Ha, no worries. Seemed like a rather good deal and I was going to snap it up!


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