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  1. Thanks Stubby Probably not much good to me then as I live in a damp Welsh valley, and have a bit of trouble dying wood / keeping wood dry...
  2. Is pop any good as firewood? I had the impression it wasn't great... (But could plant a few for my firewood coppice if it grows this quickly and is worth the effort...)
  3. sandspider

    Knife and gun crime London

    I'm not referring just to youth clubs, and I'm sure you're right about lack of funding. But there has to be some personal responsibility too.
  4. sandspider

    Knife and gun crime London

    Tricky one, this. Rehabilitation needs to be employed to some extent (help those who want to be helped and can be helped, not rewarding bad behaviour), but so also does strict justice and meaningful punishment. Rehab on its own is not enough, there has to be a stick as well as a carrot. More funding for youth clubs might improve matters, but at the end of the day it's down to the individual in question deciding to stab someone. Some people just don't want to join youth clubs. I grew up in the countryside, there weren't any youth clubs, two buses a day, nearest town 8 miles away etc. - I never joined a gang or stabbed anybody. I did light the occasional fire, mess around with an air rifle etc. but nothing that would hurt anybody else.
  5. sandspider


    A little bit of competition might encourage the hedge to grow? As long as it's not too thick...
  6. sandspider

    Summer firewood?

    IIRC, I paid about 20 quid less for a load of unseasoned wood than I would have paid for seasoned. Not really worth it. I found it very hard even to get a price for unprocessed wood- it seemed to be more trouble for the sellers than just providing processed seasoned wood. I know how much work there is in seasoning and processing as I do it myself whenever I can, so it would need to be a reasonable saving.
  7. sandspider

    Summer firewood?

    I have the space and like to season my own wood. When I tried to buy a load or two (either unprocessed unseasoned or processed but unseasoned) last April ish, I didn't have much luck. And prices were only a little lower than processed seasoned, if at all... So not really worth it, though I did manage to get a load in the end. It was so wet it's still seasoning, and I'll burn it this winter!
  8. sandspider

    Bio stimmer line

    The line feed on my strimmer is rubbish, so blade is much quicker for me! Not the neatest finish though, you're right. I do intend to try a scythe at some point.
  9. sandspider

    Bio stimmer line

    I use a blade for all my strimming... (But don't do too much delicate work to be fair).
  10. sandspider

    Identification please??

  11. sandspider

    Insurance for one off job in France

    Great film and even better book!
  12. sandspider

    Identification please??

    Goes mouldy quite easily in my experience...
  13. sandspider

    Closing down

    Too far from me. Good luck...
  14. sandspider

    Closing down

    Whereabouts in South Wales? And can you deliver?
  15. Interesting re glass not sooting up. I burn my own seasoned wood, a year or so in my polytunnel, with the odd less dry bit and my glass soots up and gets fly ash. Little bit of soot in the chimney, but not much. My stove is a Burley, I wonder if they're particularly sensitive, or if I made sure all my wood was seasoned for at least two years maybe that would solve the problem? I can never build up big enough stocks to dry for long enough! Burley paperwork suggests less than 18% moisture, but that's hard to get reliably in my own logs, never mind stuff I buy in!
  16. sandspider

    Toyota Rav 4?

    Dacia Duster? Not sure if one would be in budget though.
  17. sandspider

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Thanks chaps.
  18. sandspider

    Am I too late to attack this pear tree?

    Sounds like a good job in a nice location!
  19. sandspider

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    What splitter is it, please? Presumably the logs are seasoned as billets, then chopped into logs when seasoned? (Maybe a bit more seasoning once finally logged).
  20. sandspider

    Larger processor for making smaller logs?

    I thought 100mm logs were optimum sized for clean burn? I don't often split mine this small, but when I do, they do seem to burn better, with the odd bigger log from time to time.
  21. sandspider

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    Black thorn in flower earlier this week, and a slight frost round our way this morning.
  22. sandspider

    Log Drying Kiln

    What he said. I season logs for my own use in a polytunnel (no fans at all), they dry far quicker than logs stacked outside, even under cover. They do seem to reabsorb moisture over winter once the sun no longer hits the polytunnel, but that's life. Wonder if a fan might help air movement in winter...
  23. sandspider

    Attack of the WOODWORM!

    I thought that most wood inside a heated house would be too dry for woodworm to be happy? More risk in slightly damper outside timber?
  24. sandspider

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    I take logs from my polytunnel and bring them inside for a day or two before burning. This does seem to make a good difference to the dryness, maybe 3 or 4% on my basic moisture meter. (You can also see the cracks in the ends opening up) Having said that, this is by the side of the stove - if I run short, I put them in front of the stove (where they can char from the direct heat! Do this at your own risk, don't leave logs there unattended etc.), and there they seem to dry in an hour or so...
  25. Hi all. Does anyone have a source of coppice wood near Chepstow? I'm looking for about 20 fresh cut willow stakes (50 - 75mm maybe) and possibly willow binders / brash bundles too for river bank stabilisation. Not had much luck locally (waiting to hear back from local coppice group), so thought I'd try asking here? Could possibly consider alder too, or in fact anything that will root and grow easily in a shady ish area! Thanks.


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