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  1. Bassett

    Signature links

    Thanks Steve. I enjoy using this site. I've added a link to ArbTalk on a recent post.
  2. Thought this was an interesting article from Germaine Greer in The Telegraph -- Worth a look. Germaine Greer: Don't panic about ash dieback. Look at the science - Telegraph
  3. Bassett

    Help out an elderly lady

    These are the most satisfying jobs -- The garden's transformed. Fair play, mate.
  4. Bassett

    Hurricane Sandy treeswork!

    This probably worth a new thread, but Sandy related. Oh My God ... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZlZUsqkVx8]HURRICANE SANDY 3 TREES FALL AND FIRE!! - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Bassett

    check and double check

    It hurt just watching that. That was a kamikaze maneuver ...
  6. Bassett

    Tree covenant and irate neighour

    That has to be the bottom line. Not only are we supposed to be surgeon's but legally savvy too. In the event of any confusion always cover yourself.
  7. Bassett

    finished first big job fencing

    Good job!! We're trying to do more fencing at the moment too.
  8. Bassett

    Odd firewood complaints

    No, I'd agree. Good way to end the day. Too dry and too light are 1's we've heard alot. It's not the most profitable way to spend our time, so we don't re-service 'high maintenance' customers.
  9. Bassett

    First attempt at a heron

    Congratulations Chris -- That's looking great out there.
  10. Bassett

    Smoking them out

    That's a new one on me Arb Man Sam. This could purely anecdotal, but if you ever try it, let me know. I'd be curious to know the result
  11. Bassett

    Starting a Buisness

    That's great advice Ginja. The basics endure. From the outset you to need to balance the books and remember your primary marketing tool is word of mouth recommendations. Develop relationships with experienced peers. Lastly, don't forget your online presence. That's increasingly important in the post Yellow Pages climate.
  12. Bassett

    you know Christmas is on its way when ..............

    Love Christmas. Already loosening my belt and stuffing my face with mince pies.
  13. Just looking through Tim's gallery now -- The mans a Master.
  14. Bassett

    Arb & Forestry Event 2012

    I've just seen this event -- Shame we missed it. Axe throwing competitions, tug-of-war and Arb master classes? Sounds great. I'll keep an eye out for times and dates next year.
  15. Bassett

    The biggest eucalypt in the world

    That's an amazing video and music's perfect. That's not just a tree -- It's more like a mountain.


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