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  1. Do you still have some Holder tractor parts. I am trying to find a gearbox for a Holder A50/A60 well actually its a C500 but I have been told they use the same gearbox.

  2. anybody interested in willow for firewood about 70/100 tons / pm me , will be down in the next few weeks .
  3. got some parts from sweden yesterday , not 2 pricey , but as you say , we want a english dealer
  4. yes it is also illegal ;l to be a thieving scum bag or is it ???
  5. tear gas grenade inside a container would be so cool or something nasty above the door which tips on them when they enter , trouble is if you realy p44s them of there back with fire and brimstone and trash everything , cant win , a moat with remote controled draw bridge , and a massive strobe light with a massive siren giving it mega licks that should scare em but the only real way to keep them out is 30 years !!
  6. if you do have the chain in the water dont run the chain tight keep it loose .
  7. Big Bolt

    The cheek

    If they can steal from a human a animal has no chance , we the hornest joe puplic are there bread and butter ,
  8. yep usless they are . but there "T" clips are another thing all together oh and i must be a fanny
  9. to be hornest if your got 10 acres to do get a contract fencer in who you can work for and get paid and learn a string to your bow , if only a little there are plenty of vids on the tube to watch and learn .
  10. get some rubber mats cut up and make some crap catches, stones have a habit of finding eyes, windows
  11. extra 10 if they dont like it get them else where
  12. CHeers tyz05 that is what i thought trouble is the hyd pump is playing up so a dirty hand job so to speak
  13. not much of a derail i have took the pto selector cover off to change the hyd oil filter and it is not there . it is a 57 model 135 would it be hiding some where else ? can any one help please.


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