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  1. we cut 2.5m 3m and 3.7mtr depending on the straightness of the timber, the site conditions and extraction method. If your using the major pull them all to your loading area as poles and cross cut them there if the ground will hold up and you don't have a forwarder. Remember 3.7s mean a less cutting Beware of the timber being very unpredictable. Also best requesting to see info from the woodland owner e.g correspondence from FC relating to the permissions as even on sites with severe dieback you should still have some dialogue with you area officer if your England. the volume could be quite significant so its worth considering getting a machine in for the extraction as the novelty of loading the atv trailer will wear of pretty fast
  2. Frank Alviti at Ludlow, turned a rotor around for me in 48hrs and was significantly cheaper that has been quoted even with having it shipped back. Make sure the pto shaft isn't bent as that can also give significant vibration if its been bowed. Is the flail a Dragone? as they are well made
  3. Im currently working on a site where we could do with pulling a lot of firewood sized material to areas where we can skid with tractor or mini forwarder. Has anyone used these smaller 2 or 4 stroke winches seriously in anger. I estimate we could be dealing with up to 100tons per winter. I've spoken several times with Treadlight forestry about the docma winches and that's the way im looking to go. I just wondered if anyone else had used one extensively day in day out on larger jobs. Especially running several chokers on for short wood, and as a haulback for the bigger winch
  4. For info meetens are not a quick company to deal with. Was told parts were in stock, having chased them for a couple of days now I've just been told they are now coming overland from Italy so I won't see them till next week now
  5. Thanks all. Meetens have fixed me up with a set of rings I've had to order a used cylinder from the states as it's got all the bits I need at sensible money. The triad has a different valve set up but thanks for the offer it's very generous off you.
  6. Before i end up ordering some bits from the states, I need some bits for a kohler magnum 18 is there a good contact in the UK that has stocks of parts? Cheers Charlie
  7. need a brash rake to clear up some areas where roots have been cleared out recently, its to go on an older jcb 1.4ton machine, any recommendations I have been looking at the digbits bucket rake rather than the hardox based one as it will only get used once in a blue moon and will only be used for raking and levelling a bit of soil. Anyone else using anything similar they care to recommend Cheers Charlie
  8. Hi John which model is the fransgard? Is it on a duplex drive chain to the drum?
  9. Hi Dave, I have dropped you a pm with a number to try
  10. bought new protector pros last Oct and by Feb they were about ready for the bin, Most our felling is wet slopes so they do take some punishment but my last pair lasted 4 years, 4months I don't think is good enough. I will be trying a different brand next time. Would be interest if these are better but I will take some convincing
  11. Height above ground to the centre of the pto would be a great starting point please. The pto on the mower seems to be very high and we have had to push the mower forwards already about 6inchs to get the machine to fit as well as making a special top link. But when running the pto isnt at a great angle.
  12. I have a couple of questions relating to the front pto height if anyone is running either an Aebi or rasant could you drop me a pm. I've been trying to run rasant front implements on a reverse drive bcs and it appears there are some considerable geometry differences between the linkages on the two machines. Cheers Charlie
  13. 856 all the way 600 series masseys weren't good when they came out factory and age has done them no favours. the case 856 and 956 are good solid tractors,
  14. Give Kilworth near Ashby a ring Ben, they hire out either an alpine with a nice heavy duty flail or a remote controlled one. I would say plan on mulching it a couple of times in the first year probably 2-3 and that should get you back to a reasonable amount of grass coming through then if needed you can spray out undesirables once you have a decent ride to walk through heres what an alpine can do on a site in 2 days just over a days skidding out the listed garden and a day on the flail, The garden was chest deep brambles and you couldn't walk through it, before and after
  15. yep they are fine for occasion use, I have used these on courses but have a Suunto of my own, do the same job just not as easy to hang round your neck


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