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  1. Hi looking for tree shear for 5 ton bobcat with rotator . Any one using R S L 12 . or good or bad . Not for every day use
  2. had one 5 years still going strong https://www.facebook.com/1486062185008834/videos/1497050293910023/
  3. dont forget if your vat reg you need to claim vat if selling for bedding
  4. stack three or four high outside and use some curtains from arctics lorrys. i get mine from a tarpalin repare for £10 each . they happy to get rid and just right for boxes.leave for year season works a treat .bring stack in barn and as you empty boxes re fill and stack for another year.
  5. agree mine is under powered dont use it much prefer our claw type splitter
  6. If you can share with me on twitter @B055LOG i will try to get linked with farmwatch
  7. got two had them several years now no problems
  8. although warm been busy with deliveries most days
  9. we run a amr only problem is odd coaster off cuts sometimes jam blade or get stuck in dust pipe. we made a adapter hatch in dust pipe to save un bolting it to clear pipe. beware the old solomat and most others like on market only cut min 11 inch's the ne one now cuts 7.5 inch logs
  10. tothby1

    New truck

    the converted d max can gross 3.5 ton as they are uprated and fitted with air bags they also along with ford can tow 3.5 ton which the toyota cant
  11. your talking two different weights green hard wood just cut wit sap still running out was coming in at £65 ton a lorry load delivered i process and store for 12 months to season properly and sell 3 c meters for £230 which over my weighbridge is around 1.2 tons and moisture around 15% just spoken to my supplier and he is struggling to find any to fell in this area
  12. Like rocking horse droppings around louth area
  13. we now use two old potato belt elevator as been through three dust fans with bits of sticks thrown into the blades fronm our tran saw


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