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  1. The two factors are heave and subsidence and I think you're confusing the two. By removing the tree you will subject the soil to more water as it won't be taken up by the tree. This could cause "lift" or other problems As it stands the tree could cause subsidence by drying the soil and cracking the building. All depends on soil type. Staged removal is an option but a lot of people think it's pointless. Plenty of threads on here about it. Use the search bar:001_smile:
  2. What I meant was why was there so much fumbling in the dark over the confusing names of the three trees when the answers were a click away, the discussions about their merits was interesting enough. I suppose that someone like you who started a thread to help you identify a Sweet chestnut would keep a keen eye on ident threads. Well done anyway on using all the key words "refrain,condescending, resource Etc.
  3. It's almost as if google never existed.
  4. Really? Worlds gone mad:confused1:
  5. Sometimes it's better to apologies than ask permission:001_smile:
  6. Burn it! Otherwise they'll be a mountain of brash or chippings. People forget how efficient burning can be, you don't have to chip all the time.
  7. Oh we will see how it gets on with the turf tyres, it's for domestic work, cutting deck will have to come off as well.
  8. Negativity, there's that word again, it's almost a swearword these days, what's wrong with a bit of it? A lot of what people call negativity is in fact realism, pragmatism and plain candour. We can't all just spend our time saying "you're great! Let's all be positive!" We'd all go mad in weeks.
  9. You know what? On that particular point. point taken
  10. Ha ha,I feel a bit like that bloke in "life of Brian" facing a stoning for blasphemy who jumps around shouting "Jehovah Jehovah" whilst John Cleese shouts "Don't make it worse for yourself!"
  11. I had a 24 hp kubota a year or so ago very nice but I found it a little light for tree work so today I bought this 36hp with a splitter, cutting deck, bucket, bit more like it!
  12. No it's just that IMO stick to the big brands TW green mech, Jensen etc, they've the biggest backup of spares, network of dealers, they're the most popular for a reason.
  13. Ok Steve, fair enough it's your forum, do as you see fit, it's not the X factor and I won't plead my case.
  14. Oh Rob! that old chestnut of timid tree surgeons too scared to press the submit button in case of a harsh word from some nasty man. Do me a favour! They're more likely to turned off by some worthy bore.


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