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  1. arbwork

    Show your tractors

    tidy looking winch! always wanted a ref. to what the Boughton winches are i.e. ''1NHL3'' I am aware of the new ones via Ulrich
  2. arbwork

    pine processionary caterpillers

    Martyn and naturarbo hello and thanks obrigada for the additional information, I had feared it may be bad, worrying situation
  3. arbwork

    pine processionary caterpillers

    unfortunately I think yes, some quite significant trees affected, and almost totally dead / defoliated , evidence seen from top north of Spain through Portugal, including Gibraltar round to Malaga, same sign different country
  4. came across this in Portugal and Spain coastal towns over the last few days, affecting pine trees, sad to see ,( just popped over to see how my new cruiser was coming along)
  5. arbwork

    What is this please?

    Metasoquia. At aguess
  6. arbwork

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Eddie thank you for the info
  7. arbwork

    Show your tractors

    I can confirm it is ! back working with it recently
  8. arbwork

    Lime timber for milling

    I understand that Lime is used for carving although have no 1st hand experience of using or selling.
  9. arbwork

    Show your tractors

    embarrassingly I'm not to sure but think yes 390
  10. arbwork

    Show your tractors

    boys toys a not all ours but interesting interaction with these recently , baby flail is in our fleet.
  11. arbwork

    Meetings with remarkable trees, the Arbtalk version

    came across a few old Oak the other day possibly 100 or so acres of incredible trees to the west of Blenheim Palace, fairly sure there is public foot path adjacent to the wood, hope to return to see and explore more
  12. arbwork

    PTO chipper recommendations

    mmm ok what ever you do with it at least it will smell good! an other lift time ago we used to package wrc foliage for florists whole sale,
  13. arbwork

    PTO chipper recommendations

    What’s the chip quality like? as with most disc chippers with sharp blades and anvils, and tolerances are kept as per manufacturers spec a reasonable chip is produced, however if blunt will produce non granular stringy and slabs of wood but will keep going and still chip, I would say will chip to get rid of produce rather than a say g30 spec chip, John I am concerned if this brash is from extraction rack that it may be dirty and cause problems trying to chip it, is there opportunity to find a market for it? can you extract and stack it for collection/ chipping for biomass, I hear some of the suppliers of wood chip are getting quite keen to source woody material certainly worth a few phone calls
  14. arbwork

    PTO chipper recommendations

    Yes they are available taller and longer, with bolt on extensions to allow loading over vehicles in to trailers.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/jaspwilson/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARCY4RqIkLc2GsqHTVnnWLJpue5OGYloaDzTIgrV8zU-crmZPxNlZckNxBfcDkQU7KqHR0X4iTWbEz1 popped in to see this today, beautiful surroundings, forest full of ancient veteran trees parkland etc. nearby on again tomorrow , why not


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