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  1. osmo top oil clear satin https://osmouk.com/product/topoil/ ha ha just read the description it includes ' noble shimmer '
  2. lovely looking bench top there Big Beech, i think WRC an overlooked spp. especially where grain is a bit wavey on branch and other areas, not so good pics here but some look like folded or quilted silk silk
  3. TP 200 ok on 50 hp , the older mobile had hatz silent pack 50 hp motor
  4. out again usually take direct on tractor, both chipper and grinder needed on site decided not to drive home to change over, had not realised how big this is until we went to load it on the trailer! another row of stumps now history, yes great care and close guidance adjacent to pines.
  5. Filter all cleaned and blown through with compressor. Replaced plug as we have had these break down in the past. This is very early autotune so not sure what the reset procedure is with these. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Okay thanks for your reply, will check this, does sound like similar symptoms, four stroking then picks up and revs okay. Cheers.
  7. Any idea on what might be causing this. Its an early 576xp autotune. Sometimes will be running fine then goes like this for a bit then runs okay . Any help appreciated. 20210226_150809.mp4
  8. some here going for auction today Machinery and Business Assets Valuers AUCTION.MARRIOTTCO.CO.UK and a load more treasures , deep pockets James
  9. help, telehandler, cut list from client, brush/ airbrush or scraper, shovel metal detector tbc
  10. arbwork

    Memory Loss

    I thought it was just me now reassured i'm not alone, been wondering what to do about it
  11. with about a tonne you have to be careful! we use boards to change direction almost everywhere hard and soft where needed, this machine replaced our old vermeer 186(?) push pull I have nothing to compare it, experience wise, with but am happy with it, as with all small powered machines sharp teeth make a lot of difference to production.
  12. tight access, new teeth cutting lovely strips off stump, sweet smelling Leylandii
  13. if poles are still green you may get away with something similar to Husqvarna Bark Spade , in a past life i spent many a day hoping for top £'s peeling telephone poles


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