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  1. Today’s Sunset

    a recent watery one, school holidays of course!
  2. Vented 1m3 bulk bags

    Lee thanks for your help in packaging and posting, all arrived safe. cheers Jeremy
  3. Forestry mulcher

    I would think if you floated the mulcher over the ground to avoid heavy contact with floor you would cut and mulch most woody weeds and brambles, there can be a problem at this time of year with grass being shy of the flail, it depends on the shape and speed of the flail, some flails depend on being able to trap the cut produce onto the ground to make a tidy job of 'mulching' all the above is dependant on your ''compacted down'' we have mulched brown field sites where demolished building have been flattened and the usual suspects have turned it in to a sssi! the only problems punctures, therefore tracked or solid tyre an advantage, swinging hammers would be an advantage if lumps of demolished office block are not compacted, good luck
  4. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Eddie impressive specification and return! looking spectacular one hell of a pair of secateurs and just at the end of bird nesting, good timing, I wish you well, respect
  5. Fings wot broke

    bent not broke, surprised my self by recovering situation with little press, needed support blocks! to stop things bending that should not be, now as straight as a straight...ish thing ( a bit weaker possibly)
  6. Show your tractors

    highland tractor, moo
  7. General Tree pics

    tree growing on tree and feet!
  8. Unimogs rock thread

    holiday mog, not mine
  9. Valtra N10F: Opinions please

    Mike it is a tidy looking tractor, my thoughts are, I guess it has 100 hp, that it may be a little under powered, we run a number of 12'' chippers on 200 hp, with all grab feeding you are tempted to over feed, this taken into account, we can still get ours into the stress control stopped zone, try to get a demo if possible and try it, good luck
  10. Elmia 5 - 8 June

    more new to me things, how about the fold away 1/2 steering wheel, the extendable bunk on smaller forwarding trailer, children catered for and more
  11. Elmia 5 - 8 June

    more, how about a meri tractor to go with your meri crusher? dampish conditions on the forwarder competition trail, new and old school harvesting
  12. Elmia 5 - 8 June

    few things not seen before, jcb hydradig with a quick fit linkage similar to 3 point link and tilt rotate system, now if they did that in a bigger machine.... my pocket may be lighter, steering rear axel on forwarding trailer from Igland, a bit difficult to tell this time round but it seemed as if there was slightly less action but I may have been in the wrong place at the time, good to see old familiar and also new people at the show, it can be a small world forestry at times, my best regards to you all
  13. Elmia 5 - 8 June

    what did you think then? link here to what the organisers thought https://www.elmia.se/en/wood/For-press/News-from-Elmia-Wood-rss/World-premieres-met-a-large-audience-in-the-forest/?utm_campaign=Wood_bes_eng_170610_lor&utm_content=-&utm_medium=email&utm_source=apsis and no prizes for guessing what the weather was like !!
  14. Unimog front mounted chipper too low!

    you do need to balance front mount chippers either with counter weight or something such as a crane
  15. hiezomat/ hiezohack 35th anniversary

    machines are built individually in bare steel no pipe work electrics etc. dismantled sent to paint and are then assembled depending on size by 1 or 2 operatives, I always like the look of clean steel being fabricated there's something about it


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