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  1. not broken you understand, I will call it Learning Curve
  2. milling again! load of Ash for local client, busy day, max + diameter slowing production down a bit, saw dust taken for compost a new one for me and helpful with tidy up
  3. ok thanks for reply, I have heard of cutters @ 25/30 m3 to fell and cut to length hence my post above, would you consider 25 m3 for above as to little?
  4. we have been asked to clear a number of Ash plantations around the 1 ha area plot size, pole stage say up to 500mm dia at base and have suggested prices iro £30.00 per m3 @ 65% of stack measure, distance of extraction is varied from 200 meters to 1 kilometre , 3 meter length although 2.5 was last years spec. 2 inch top upwards, I already know smaller poles are not financially viable! but still cutting them, sites are in north Buckinghamshire. pricing is based on hand fell and cut to length, getting 3 lengths from trunk before getting into brushy tops,
  5. I guess a Forestor 150 if you can find one would be a good investment
  6. possible link here https://www.woodmizer-europe.com/Blog/My-Project-Contest/Project-Gallery-2015/3-jeremy-harper
  7. all leylandii scrap from removed hedge not forest grown branchy, would normally have a job to persuade log people to take it away! ( makes v.good logs ) I try to find more pics
  8. mmmmm yes me to ! my 1st one
  9. sad 1 from site today , and 1 from the garden
  10. a bit more here spec and budget! valtra T202 versu forestry Tractor WWW.EBAY.CO.UK 61plate valtra T202 versu 50k 3571hrs. forestry rims and nokian forestry tyres 70% tread these alone are 9k new. this... , I guess been used for mulching flail , but has the benefit of having gearbox and pto bits replaced
  11. I think stick with valtra better suited to tree forest work, much better base for guarding etc although newer models have both engine and transmission ecu.s ( had to have both ours replaced) and some of the newer ones have transmission problems! never easy making decisions, if you going for new then definitely get extended warranty as I know of a few people very disappointed
  12. to put the birch into context the harvesting contractor had left tree on interface with remaining woodland, only chestnut coppice stools remain to hopefully regrow in what will be replanted area, oak another site


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