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  1. some here going for auction today Machinery and Business Assets Valuers AUCTION.MARRIOTTCO.CO.UK and a load more treasures , deep pockets James
  2. help, telehandler, cut list from client, brush/ airbrush or scraper, shovel metal detector tbc
  3. arbwork

    Memory Loss

    I thought it was just me now reassured i'm not alone, been wondering what to do about it
  4. with about a tonne you have to be careful! we use boards to change direction almost everywhere hard and soft where needed, this machine replaced our old vermeer 186(?) push pull I have nothing to compare it, experience wise, with but am happy with it, as with all small powered machines sharp teeth make a lot of difference to production.
  5. tight access, new teeth cutting lovely strips off stump, sweet smelling Leylandii
  6. if poles are still green you may get away with something similar to Husqvarna Bark Spade , in a past life i spent many a day hoping for top £'s peeling telephone poles
  7. I see solar ones, usual suspects 50p from far away, poss sensible one sealey around 20 £ any suggestions from experience welcome, I note some are not weatherproof, and therefore inside screen to lighter or battery , I will need at least 1 that will be outside for the sawmill, no cab on that yet
  8. thanks I am aware I need to do something a bit more proactive to help situation, have tried to disconnect and use cutouts to see if it will help ( some have immobilisers that require power )unfortunately most of the larger machinery is away from power source, no fun trying to lift tractor battery's into wheel barrow even worse trying to lift em back up into place I use optimate on some near to power this has helped
  9. saves having it wrapped
  10. coppice cutter ta for reply, just replaced yb1l-a2 and yb12al-a-a2 bike and mower, also cargo super heavy duty 900amp all yuasa the later just 2 month past guarantee
  11. After taking almost ½ tonne of batteries to the recycle's the other day I am looking to find a better situation of buying and replacing, my problem is some of our machinery is only used occasionally, be it bike, excavator, saw mill, tractor, car, mower etc. I have optima battery that has lasted better than most but there is only a limited range and similar with varley and Odyssey race/rally style batteries, I am aware that start up run every week or 2 is ideal and or keep on shelf with regular charging management, possible solar charging in situ, I have found most seem to last long enough to get past guarantee date then expire, gasp. My supplier yesterday said they are only built now to be regularly used and not for occasional use. Any help or suggestions appreciated.
  12. brilliant underrated timber Leylandii , creamy white and when exposed to sunlight and outside with age turns a silvery grey, is durable,
  13. out over the last few weeks 350 shear this time making good use of the accumulator allowing multiple picks
  14. yes yes I know, get a bigger chipper, sharpen your blades, overkill on feeding system, but I do rate the older TP,s simple robust


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