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  1. metal detector are worth the time, any help in preventing sawing metal, yes you have to get used to signal from saw bench, have to sweep over each cut to get best result can be time consuming, 5 nails in last trunk cut! ''brown oak is bloody expensive '' can I ask how much per cu ft ? thanks
  2. interesting Brown Oak today , usual nails a little rot but mainly lovely deep brown colour (not shown well in the photos) saw dust looks almost like paprika
  3. arbwork

    GTL fuel

    bump FAME and RTFO Changes - Certas Energy CERTASENERGY.CO.UK What is FAME? FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) is a renewable biodiesel that is manufactured from sustainable... anyone tried it?
  4. arbwork

    GTL fuel

    interesting! I think Shell GTL Fuel - Certas Energy CERTASENERGY.CO.UK Exclusive suppliers of Shell GTL Fuel Shell GTL Fuel is exclusively available in the UK from Certas Energy. Your... are the only supplier so far , may be my fear of lubricity ( lovely word! ) is correct, must find out more
  5. arbwork

    GTL fuel

    has anyone used or thought about using this ? Technical information WWW.SHELL.COM Shell has conducted many field trials on Shell GTL Fuel in major cities around the world over the past decade, covering... reads ok with advantages to all, with possible exception to being a few pence a litre more, but seems to eliminate the FAME problems that people are experiencing, my only fear is that gas oil/derv is a lubricant and I need assurance this alternative will not damage my engines both old and newer
  6. 44 psi festive mog wishing you all the best for Christmas and the new year ( no its not snowing old picture )
  7. not mine but ! https://vimeo.com/379405930?outro=1&ref=fb-share&fbclid=IwAR28nMxYdql_j6BUlqvremhD98Wpq2xuxVM6ouytB1PLBH9xnfKS5RCJGuQ to include impressive drone footage
  8. J the idea is sound, a while ago we tried, as a trial, chipping whole tree and brash for an estate similar as your site, the chip was ok for their boiler, they did pass it through the grain store drying facility 1st, good luck with sorting
  9. be Interesting to see what certificate / qualification is offered, am chasing similar training and assessment at the mo , we are looking at FMOC based to try to get recognised and acceptable for clients
  10. colour coordinated as well, be interesting to see how much more chip can be produced in similar situations
  11. Canalagous even (without going ogy)..... sorry its been a trying w.e
  12. I think in the past we have had to seek permission, supply signage to warn boats of works ahead, have a banksperson at either end of the site to advise approaching boats and supervise their safe passage, rams to include working over/adjacent to water with rescue rope float/ring thingy and a possible fee for being there, last site was non towpath side. a few years ago but guess it will be about the same now.


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