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  1. J the idea is sound, a while ago we tried, as a trial, chipping whole tree and brash for an estate similar as your site, the chip was ok for their boiler, they did pass it through the grain store drying facility 1st, good luck with sorting
  2. be Interesting to see what certificate / qualification is offered, am chasing similar training and assessment at the mo , we are looking at FMOC based to try to get recognised and acceptable for clients
  3. colour coordinated as well, be interesting to see how much more chip can be produced in similar situations
  4. Canalagous even (without going ogy)..... sorry its been a trying w.e
  5. I think in the past we have had to seek permission, supply signage to warn boats of works ahead, have a banksperson at either end of the site to advise approaching boats and supervise their safe passage, rams to include working over/adjacent to water with rescue rope float/ring thingy and a possible fee for being there, last site was non towpath side. a few years ago but guess it will be about the same now.
  6. Home - Raptor WWW.RAPTORCOATINGS.COM seen a couple of 4x4 and a campervan in the rougher type of finish, originally saw it as a load bay type of protection, looks a bit 2 pack sort of thing
  7. i,m glad to hear of the itch but sad to hear rest
  8. good link I like that! even a quick look through, learn something new every day!
  9. also stock list here grinders + other toys https://www.agriaffaires.co.uk/pros/list/809176-0/1/ufkes-greentec-b-v.html
  10. https://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/ais38.pdf I hope the relevant info is here
  11. https://farmsunday.org/visit-a-farm may be a good trip out with the family, maybe even a dinosawarsedchipperii to be found
  12. Roll the cable in to an old tyre
  13. see here https://www.caledoniaplay.com/product-category/commercial-play/commercial_robinia/ although I have no 1st hand experience of using it I have seen a lot of play areas made from robinia it seems untreated and durable, if you look up robinia play equipment there are other similar sites.


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