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  1. Trees In My Neighbours garden

    exactly this, plus bring round a bottle of wine
  2. north shropshire

    Looking for ground staff and climbers for when my regulars are unavailable. Might lead to regular work for the right person. Please email your details to Max@maxnewalltreeservices.co.uk Max
  3. gotta sting....

    [ame] [/ame]
  4. Speed lining.

    Cheers Steve, it really does take alot of work out of it! I believe that was a Teufelberger Sirius 18mm Rigging Rope. Maybe a bit much stretch for bigger lumps but speed lining tends to be pretty small stuff for me.
  5. Speed lining.

    Cheers Barry
  6. Speed lining.

    [ame] [/ame] Nothing fancy. Just a bit on speed lining on a SSSI site. Client was clearing up up, all we had to do was not destroy the sandstone carvings below.
  7. Go big or go home

    great video! but did we loose a window at 0:46??
  8. Tree Pruning

    Erm, no its not...
  9. 3000+ stumps to get rid of what's best?

    sell em as logs on fleebay
  10. first video

    [ame] [/ame]
  11. first video

    Cheers bud. Job spec was to fell and leave. wish every job was like that! song is full circle by half moon run
  12. first video

  13. first video

    cheers guys! love the husky! been climbing about 5 years now but i wouldn't say I'm an everyday climber.
  14. first video

    [ame] [/ame]
  15. north shropshire



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