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    2012 Timberwolf 150VTR Chipper


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    Selling my Timberwolf 150 VTR due to change in business direction. Its a 2012 model with only 936 hours on the clock. Recently services (Jan) and comes with a spare set of blades. Good overall condition for year with no faults. Trailer is included in price, or £9000 without. Open to sensible offers. Leo Tandoh 07881434440


  2. leotandoh12

    Tajfun rca 400 chain and bar

    I used to have one. Chainsdirect do oregon bars to fit the machine.
  3. leotandoh12

    Hows the log sales going now

    We have had a great start, up about 150 loads so far. We had 2 frost last week, one was pretty good, so that has brought extras through the door. My only issue is time to deliver, we already have a 2 week wait now, due to other work.
  4. HI Guys, Was at the APF today and was looking for new processors. Loved the new 375, but alittle to pricey, so looking at a 360. Just wondering if someone had one in the area, Shaftesbury/Blandford, or close ish (1 hour on the motorbike etc) I could come and have a look at ? TIA Leo
  5. leotandoh12

    Do you buy your cordwood by the tonne or cu mtr?

    I buy and sell by the cubic metre. I normally buy complete stacks whihc can sit around for a while so tonnage sometimes means that the seller will be out of pocket, lets say with sycamore. My man driver knows how much he gets on a lorry and im happy with what he brings. I think' alot of buying anad selling is down to trust and good relationships!
  6. Horse Chestnut limb removal in Child Okeford Dorset. I am looking for the contractor who carried out work using a MEWP to remove the remaining damaged limb of a Horse Chestnut possibly on a Saturday for a client in Child Okeford. I completed the tidy up of a failed limb from the same tree a week or so before and need to contact them regarding an issue that has arisen with the client regarding payment. Hopefully someone on here has completed the works or know whose has. I am concerned that this contractor along with myself are being potentially being taken advantage of and will be out of pocket. Many thanks PS. There work was was tip top and left tidy as was ours!
  7. leotandoh12

    Delivering firewood

    We use a tipping tranist with caged sides. We can hold up to 5 cube, split in eithert 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 m3 sizes. Did look at a trailer, but with small drives and lanes its easier to get a transit in and my wife can drivew!
  8. leotandoh12

    second hand and new vented sacks

    Okay, well let me know if they are good and id be interested.
  9. leotandoh12

    second hand and new vented sacks

    HOw mcuh you looking for them Mortimer?
  10. leotandoh12

    second hand and new vented sacks

    How much are the bags please?
  11. leotandoh12

    Info Card For Customers To Stop Issues

    Thank you Barnsley Bob, enlighting input. With sales to date this season, we have had a 1.2% complaint rate mainly due to poor storage by end user or poor knowledge of using a wood burner. With 0.3% of that coming from issues with the size of log, with both clients happy to order small logs at 9" only to then say they were to small. The potential card process is to try and elimate complaints by reminding my customers of good storage methods with some basic burner usage tips. I feel we do not sell crap and we are doing a professional job as a air-dried firewood merchant. Im looking to push 1000 cube next season so would like to give my new and existing customers the best service I can. With regards to my friends burner, on closer inspection he had a rear damper, he was not aware of, that when opened has rectified all problems. Alycidon - I completey agree that the overall split size is oftern over looked. I have a fairly small burner myself so know the joys of trying to get a large log in it and burnt. I would normaly split 4-6 inch in half, 6-10 in quaters and so on and so fourth. I do throw some chunky logs in the loads as something to last if the customer goes out too. Thanks for all the continued comments, will be designing the cards this week hopefully. Leo
  12. HI People Im having a few issues with new customers and some existing with regards to the quailty of our logs. In reality its about 2- 3 cube every hundred, but its always seems to start happening at this time of the year and mostly is down to wet/damp as apossed to unseasoned. Most of it I have resolved and is nearly always down to poor knowledge of the customer or poor storage. One of my good friends now has an issue, but it is simply down to storage ( wheelie bins) and he collected in the rain, so complaining the logs are wet. He wants to swap but I said its a refund or nothing as im 100% sure its not my logs. I have been toying with the idea of info cards for every customer, new and old, no matter if they have 1 cube or 15. Im thinking basic info regarding storage, maximising airflow, keeping off the ground etc and also T's + C's. I have been running the system of refund over replace, unless its a genuine problem, ie 15inch logs instead of 8inch, but need to have a solid way to enforce it. Also they need to be returned to the delivered location if they want a refund and that there is a cut off of 1 week if they are unhappy. They also have to keep the card if they wat a refund. Im also thinking of testing 3 randoms logs per load and measuring the moisture content and recording it on the card. However Im not sure that this wouldnt be a way of shooting myself in the foot if the moisture is higher than the recommended mositure for the burner. What do you guys think do any of you do this already. Although its only a few but its weaing me down alittle. Thanks.
  13. leotandoh12

    Info Card For Customers To Stop Issues

    Yeah this seems to be the main problem, poor storage. Although having just spoken to my friend on the phone he still ahving issues even with my super dry logs from my own store. We have now sourced it to either poor operating of burner or tht theres a fault with it (only a few months old)
  14. leotandoh12

    Info Card For Customers To Stop Issues

    Cheers for the replies guys. I popped by to see my friend this evening and the bins are most definitly the issue. I would probably say barnstored air dried wood would be between 24% and 30% at this time of the year. Depending on weather and humindity the moisture content will raise and lower. What was measured at 20% in the summer will be around 28% now, especailly with the rain we have had resently.
  15. leotandoh12


    I would say loose loads tipped opn the drive would be best. The issue my customers have had with crates and bags is that you can easliy get lots waste in the bags and the crates can have hidden surprises in the middle. I have also found that the majority of my customers want a local product from local woods, not crates made in Poland, but this is depends on your area I would say. I would say loose loads on a trailer would be best although as firewood comes under forestry and therefore agriculture you wouldnt need a taco if you stayed localish (belive its under 50km.) As has been said above, you want to keep cost down to start with, especially if you have a business partner, you dont want to buy loads of timber, an expensive loader and trailer and only sell a few loads that you then have to divvy the money up. I would also personally sdtay clear of putting logs in containers unless they are very well vented. All the containers that I ahve been in have always been full of mositure, Im guessing due to getting hot and cold so easily. As long as they are off the floor and covered they shoudl stay dry, or stick them in a barn or similar. And as said above, if you are looking for this to be more than a side line for beer money, you need to sell alot. And to process and deliver you need reliable vehicles and machinery and that does mount up in cost. I found last season even having a truck that didnt like starting in the cold would soon mess up a day! But if you are willing to out in the effort, make your product stand out and be sensible, hope fully youll do well.
  16. HI Guys, Due to a massive increase in work and all the subbies I normally used being stretched, I'm looking for 1 or 2 guys or girls to join the team. It will be on either a sub contractor or employed basis and for the next 3 months potentailly a full time postion. We undertake a variety of works in the mainly domestic and estate sector, incuding tree surgery, hand cutting and hedge cutting. We also have a very successful firewood business that runs alongside the tree surgery company. The ideal candidate would be able to cover all areas of work and be willing to help with running the firewood processor at least once a week during busy periods. We try to work within a 1hr radius of Blandford, with normal working hours of 7.30 - 4.00, or similar variations. You will CS30-31 and CS38 as a minimum as well as a current First Aid Cert. Extra tickets will be a benefit, especially CS32, CS39 and Chipper ticket. Self employed will need own climbing gear and PPE in good condition as a minimum, a groundsaw and top handle would be a benefit. Employment will be based a 28 day a year holiday package with PPE provided, great hourly rates of pay and great training package if needed. Give me a call on 07881434440, message through Arbtalk or email me at leotandohtreeservices@yahoo.com Thanks Leo
  17. leotandoh12

    Hows the log sales going now

    Gone manic, pretty much fully booked for next week and a half on my log days. Might need to turn new customers away
  18. I have 2 loads of Small diameter ash up for grabs in North Dorset / South WIltshire border. Average size is around 6-8 inches. I brought it in June, but havent moved it all. Cut last winter. Looking for £44 plus Vat per cubic metre. Can arrange haulage if needed. Thanks Leo
  19. leotandoh12

    charging for stacking

    I charge £10 per cubic metre, works out at about £30 an hour. I sometimes charge alittle more if its a long walk to the store. 9/10 most peolple are more than happy to pay.
  20. My ram on my 400 is stuck out. Tried knocking it back in and wont budge. Have also tried let pressure out the system via undoing pipes but no luck. I rang Kilworth but they were stumped. The pressure gauge is sitting at nearly 200 so not usre whats going on? Anyone with a machine and had a similar issue with some advice woudl be great Leo
  21. leotandoh12

    Tajfun 400 Splitter Ram Stuck Forward

    It was fully stuck out. I had a better, less stressed look today and couldnt see any obstructions, jsut a bit of saw dust. There was a obvious gap on one side suggesting it bending, but turned machine back on and it pressured up high and then went back it. So all good, sort of. Just need to sort out a few electrical issue, including the ram now sticking forwards. It returns on the stop button. Have checked the sensor and I not sure the light is coming on when the piston is up. Anyone had that issue to and know where I can get one cheaper than Kilworth?
  22. leotandoh12

    Looking for large sweet chestnut

    Sorry spoke to him and as it is low grade it splits into 4 on it own as it sits in the stacks. Hes tried milling some with little luck.
  23. leotandoh12

    Looking for large sweet chestnut

    Will speak to a chap I work with tomorrow and see if he has any to suit, I think he might
  24. leotandoh12

    Arbtalk raffle live results

    Hi mate, Still havent got the rope runner yet either


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