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  1. Brackley Firewood

    Wholesale Firewood

    Hello all, anyone know some good suppliers of wholesale kiln dried firewood. Regards
  2. Brackley Firewood

    Log Stores - How much?

    Hello guys, Was just wandering roughly how much did it cost to build your log stores Regards
  3. Brackley Firewood


    Hello all, Your help would be appreciated!! Me and my mate are going to sell firewood. We have a small yard where we are allowed to store a container. We could buy in a lose loads of kiln dried firewood and we could buy a small loader or skid steer and put it into the container and then we could by a tipping trailer and load them into the trailer when we sell them. This means we could tip on the persons drive etc. The other option is we could buy in creates and using a pallet truck we could put them into the container. My Dad has a truck with a tail lift on and when the customer places an order we could put it into the truck and then unload it using a pallet truck. With this method the customer would have to have a solid drive. Another option is to buy it lose and then load it into tonne bags and unload by dragging off a normal trailer. I Hope this all makes seance and please comment on it. Many thanks.
  4. Brackley Firewood

    What vehicle

    Hello all, Me and my mate are looking to sell logs and we were wondering what vehicle would be best for the delivery side of things. Should we get a vehicle with good towing capability or should we buy a small truck. Give me your thoughts,, Regards
  5. Brackley Firewood

    Who sells firewood near Brackley

    Was just wondering who sell firewood near Brackley, thought it was a good idea to get to know people in the same industry.
  6. Brackley Firewood

    Wholesale firewood near Northampton

    Hello, looking for wholesale firewood in the Northampton area. Regards
  7. Brackley Firewood

    SGS Engineering

    Hi guys, i was wanting to buy a strimmer/brushcutter for home use but couldnt bring myself to pay £300+ i have found a make called SGS Engineering. what do you guys all think.
  8. Brackley Firewood

    show us your firewood equipment

    very smart.
  9. Brackley Firewood

    show us your firewood equipment

    just as it suggests please show us the equipment you use for your firewood sales. any size show us:001_smile:
  10. Brackley Firewood

    cardboard boxes for kindling

    i think i will do it. i can get them flat pack for £0.70 a box. does this seam expensive to you guys. the size is 300mm x 300mm x 300mm
  11. Brackley Firewood

    cardboard boxes for kindling

    have any of you pros tried using cardboard boxes for kindling. the bags i am currently using keep ripping and i have had some customer complain.
  12. Brackley Firewood

    how did you guys do it

    hello i am new to the process and i was wondering how you guys got into selling firewood. any tips and suppliers ect i would be very great full regards
  13. Brackley Firewood

    where can i get hardwood from

    hello where can i get hardwood from in Northamptonshier so that i can process it. please let me know regards
  14. Brackley Firewood

    advertising products

    hello all what is the best way to advertise kindling wood to the end user. Also is it worth doing it in wholesale or not. sorry it is all so simple
  15. Brackley Firewood

    selling kindling

    yes i am based in Northamptonsheir


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