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  1. Hi I’ve got a Charnwood island 2 stove that even when the air control is pushed right in it is still burning quickly has anyone had a similar problem ? Thanks
  2. The bar oiler on my processor is permanently leaking down through the sawdust channel that puts the dust onto the floor . Has anyone had similar experience?
  3. How many tonnes of wood roughly before you had to replace the bearings again ?
  4. Did Kilworth fit it for you or did you do it yourself? Also did the seals get changed where the shaft comes out ?
  5. No I bought them from a local bearing supplier . Did you buy the shaft from Kilworth ?
  6. Has anyone had problems with the bearings in the flywheel/pulley for the belt that drives the chainsaw ? Last weekend my chain was continually running , which after some advice from Kilworth found out it was these bearing had seized up . I have replaced the bearings but today only cut two bulk bags with it and it was getting hot in that area again , so I stopped and stripped it down again and found one of the bearings had started to seize. I think the Gearbox shaft has been worn down slightly so now the center of the bearings aren’t gripp the shaft and so the inner part of the bearing that should be tight on the shaft so to grip and turn with the shaft, instead I think the inner part of the bearing is spinning around the shaft which is causing friction and getting very hot. Has anyone had similar experience with one of these machines ? Any advice thanks
  7. I have bought a Tajfun rca 400 and I need to sharpen the chain . I am thinking about buying a bench grinder chain sharpener , but in the processor manual it says the chain needs sharpening with a 10degree incline and the only grinder with that capability are between three and four hundred pounds . Would a normal grinder that you can’t do the incline on suffice ? Thanks in advance
  8. Does anyone else who owns and operates a Tajfun rca 400 struggle to get 17 inch bars for them ?
  9. It’s an endless belt .
  10. Has anyone ever changed the infeed conveyor on a rca 400 joy ? If so any hints and tips would be much appreciated. Thanks


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