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  1. Best Strimmer cord for stock fences

    Sounds logical. I use the hs81r for bramble or stock fencing myself
  2. Trees and TPO

    Gary i know you have been involved in tree work for over 30 years but will you just stop trying to give people advice when they ask for help because you are are very confusing 🤣
  3. New spikes recommend

    I have only ever worn bashlins so cant comment on anything else. I find them good enough not to think i need to try anything else. Im curious what the geckos are like tho as i hear plenty of people saying how good they are. Which ones do poeple prefer the ali or carbon ones? I may have a try at the next arb show.
  4. Best small economical van

    Peugeot partner and citroen berlingo are both very useful and economical vans.
  5. Yes definatley! Im going to do some digging round of old paperwork see if i can get some numbers of stolen gear, worth a punt.
  6. Trouble is they all look familiar, if you havent got your serial numbers your knackered.
  7. how's this for an engine blowout!!!

    Yes definatley turned the H screw too far anti clockwise.
  8. UK Ganoderma complex

    Very interesting post david:thumbup1: Just out of curiousity, Was the ash tree showing significant signs of decline in the crown? And was there Just one small fruiting body with all that decay? Matt.
  9. Developers ?!?!

    Makes you wonder why you bother
  10. Stihl MS201 Crankshaft

    Just depends how much your charging to put the part in
  11. Beech tree white spots

    Your being a bit crabby tonight arnt you gary?
  12. What's on your bench today?

    Would it be worth putting new bearings in while you got that lot apart?
  13. Is this serious??

    its not the fool who bids, its the fool who does the private bank transfer without having the machine
  14. Arb truck fabricator/body builder

    Britt tip, warrington. Anything is possible.
  15. It certainly sounds like it does. Generally speaking, You cant make the tree owner have it inspected but they would be liable if they were made aware of it and chose to do nothing, which then resulted in a foreseeable failure which caused harm. Just because trees sometimes have cavities it isnt always a problem but they do need assessing by a competent person to determine that.


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