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  1. I'm looking to expand my sub contractor list. We focus on top end domestic work and have a good range of modern kit to use. Please get in touch: [email protected] 07821343703
  2. Anybody know anywhere for conifer chip and/or logs around Stockport? Cheers
  3. Looking for subbies of all abilities to help us out on an ad hoc basis. Working part of a small team doing domestic work with a wide range of new and decent kit over Manchester and Cheshire. Contact me (James) on 07821343703 or [email protected] and let me know your experience and rates.
  4. The Brit tip ones look awesome although I know they will cost for that quality, I heard around 7.5k?! Was hoping to do one more like 5k but maybe its a case of you get what you pay for like most things. Cheers Mark, I will get a couple of quotes next week, do Kirklands have a website, could only find directions to them online..
  5. Can anybody reccomend a decent company who can make a smart aluminium back on my truck? Based in the northwest so anywhere round manchester would be best. Cheers guys
  6. Looking for someone to help out in Jan and Feb, will consider all levels. Its all domestic work. Email [email protected] with your CV and day rate.
  7. Looking for sub contract climbers to help with back log of work in January and February, all domestic work and with a close knit hard working team. Please email your CV/rates to [email protected]
  8. I got in touch with Electricity NW in the end who started a case, sounds like a process which will take a couple of months and they either fell the tree like was mentioned or sort out arrangements for us to do it.
  9. Thanks for the info, I'll make a call tomorrow. That was what I've always told clients when quoting for trees by power lines but this chap said they advised him to seek a private firm to do the work, either way i'm not to bothered because its an awkward dismantle.
  10. Who would I need to contact to undertake a job in Cheshire where the tree is running through electricity lines. My understanding is that they send someone out to monitor you and make sure you're working safely?
  11. Looking for a climber with experience, must be sufficient with rigging, large fells and gentle reductions on mature trees. This will be a self employed basis, please email all relevant CV's and rates etc to [email protected]
  12. Which one SWB, MWB or LWB do people go for, looking at getting one of these in LWB unless people advise otherwise..
  13. Sub contract climber needed in south Manchester for decent block of work in July and August, email your info and rates to [email protected] Cheers
  14. Position available in Wilmslow, Cheshire. 3 days a week, email me for more information. [email protected]


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