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  1. I did it a couple of Sundays ago, I just manned up climbed half way up it and whacked the tops off and it sat back up had a but of a twich on but that's part of the fun !
  2. I would of if the winch was in the van but it was 30 miles away! I really need to keep it in the back of the van!
  3. I thought I may as well climb it like! I put the photo up on facebook and got loads of abuse that it's not safe and it should be a MEWP job but then thats of people who are still at college and haven't had to make money!!!!
  4. Probably going to get a bit of abuse for this but would anyone else climb this! The root plate had lifted up and there was a rope holding it up which you can see to the left of the photo! I went up and just cut it in half as quickly as possible because there was a wall and a B.T line near. It sat back which was a bit of rush! The thing am trying to say is would you just price it more for a MEWP or just quickly cut it? To be fair if I wasn't happy with it I wouldn't of climbed it but it seemed pretty sound!
  5. Thanks for the replays! 2 days sounds good!!! Graham I hope everything goes well for you over there good luck and if you have anytime or tips when your over there give me a message dude!
  6. How do? I was just wondering how long it's took people to get there visa's through for Australia? I have heared of it taking up to 12 weeks if it's in writing but am planning on doing mine on the net so am I right in thinking it should be quicker? I am thinking of going in October to make sure I have sufficient funds and stuff just in case I can't find a job! does anybody know of any good company's to apply for or anyone whos looking for climbers out in Aus that will be taking in October? I am going on a working holiday visa and was just looking for anyone who had been before to give me any hints and tips, any infomation would be gratefull! Cheers Joe!
  7. My mate bought a sofa of a farmer and paid £25 for it and he dropped it off for him. The next day he was cleaning it and found £32 in coins !
  8. No worries, what type of material do you make the tents out of then?
  9. That's a brilliant idea, well found!
  10. Thanks for that, that sounds smart but I think we're just going to use a electric winch!!!
  11. That's very smart a good picture . Just noticed this was in the wrong section I didnt know there was a lounge area!
  12. Capstankid!

    Bell tent

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody on here had made there own bell tent. I know its a bit of a different subject to arb but I thought am sure someone on here has come across them! Anyways am looking at building my own bell tent and I was wondering if anybody knew were to get the canvas form and just a bit of advise on building them! It's only really going to be used for festivals and a few camping trips! Any advise would be appreciated Joe
  13. I am 20 with 3 years no claims and 3 points and I have a ford transit 2.4 turbo tipper and I got quoted 3,000 from everywhere apart from Adrian flux who offered £700 apprentntly all insurance companies can offer up to 60% it just depends how much you can haggle hope this helps!
  14. Thanks for the replays! The main reason for doing it is access, the only bit am really struggling with is finding a decent enough winch! When I get it sorted I will get some pictures up and methods of how I did it just in case anybody else is thinking of mounting a winch!
  15. Hi, I was wondering if anybody had fitted a winch to a timberwolf db150 chipper or any other chippers? What type of winch would you use and how hard are they to fit? Cheers Joe
  16. I don't get this thread... Why make life harder for yourself? If you really want to do all this work positioning stuff (never use a saw one handed...) then just use both hands on the topper. It's called the arborist/climbing saw for a reason. It's not that it's really bad or anything but I just feel it could be better and it's just something else to try! I was using my mates 346xpg (toastie warm hands ) today and it's an awesome saw for sectioning down a lot faster than the 200t but it was oak! I think i will switch saws for the moment and see if it suites my style more!
  17. To be honest I wouldn't really get a 201 just because it's new and I know what to excoext with the 200s if that makes sense! The 241 looks like a nice saw is it ergonomic as a husky or still have that sthil feeling of holding a box?
  18. How do? I have been looking at getting a back handled saw for climbing with but I don't really want a 200 and was thinking of using something a bit bigger like a husqvarna 236! The main reason I have been thinking about a back handled saw is to improve my positioning up the tree! Any suggestions of saws or knowledge on the topic will be greatly appricated!
  19. Yer I thought they would of been 60/40 RWD but there 80/20! My mate has randomly got a spare box that he is going to sell me for £100 so am going to weld it up so it locks it in RWD for drifting in the summer then put the other box in for the winter! Thats for 02 onwards dude! Cheers tho!
  20. Thanks for the info! Defiantly going to get one in the next month! Thinking about taking the front drive shafts out in the summer to see if it can put MPG up a little bit!
  21. I have been looking at getting a Subaru Forester and I was wondering if anyone had one on here and if they knew if they were any good off road? I know the mpg is terrible but the 4x4 sounds good for the winter and the insurance is cheap! Cheers Joe
  22. Lucazade It's lasts longer than red bull! Tbh just eat often and little as well!
  23. Thanks dude, I am still looking into it and I think am going to get a bit more experiance before I do anything! Appricate the help of everyone!


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