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  1. How do? Here is a few photos of my first go at milling I built the mill myself. I am using Ganberg 3/8 milling chain and a 42 inch Gb lo pro bar. This may be a stupid question but I am guessing you just use a 7/32 file to sharpen then chain? It just seemed fairly tight so I got the job done but I just need to sharpen the chain now. Cheers Joe
  2. How do? Has anyone got any good Projects on at the moment? Photos would be good? I seen a homemade skidder on facebook and it sparked an idea! Cheers Joe
  3. Capstankid!

    AUS poles

    I would say so! They would have to go and get checked out again if they are out of date!
  4. Apparently it's not in exsitance anymore! I will have to make one!
  5. How do? I have just got a Stihl br 420 and read about the mist conversion kit. I have searched the internet to try and get the kit but I cant find it and was wondering if any of you lot new the crack? I might try and make one up for it!
  6. How do? What does everyone think of Granburg ripping chains for milling? I am using a 660 with tooth sprocket! Cheers Joe
  7. I have got an old 070 that I need to get running as a back up!
  8. I can't seem to find it on the German eBay! Any links for quick help?
  9. Thanks for the replys! I think I am just sticking with the 660 with a 42 inch bar if I can find one on 3/8s ripping chain !
  10. does everyone run 404? 3/8 would be better as I have a roll of chain! surely it would be best to cut with .325 because its just a thinner cut?
  11. Thanks for the reply’s I have actually got an 070 at my dads so I will get that out and sorted! could someone tag Rob in this thread please unless theres another way to get in touch?
  12. I am new to the milling side but I have been an arborist for 4 years now and I have made my own Alaskan mill (use to be a fabricator). I am getting sick of logging good timber and I want to mill it insted! I run a 36 inch bar on my 660 but the timber I need to mill is 40 inch and I know i will lose 2 inch so I am looking at running a 42 inch bar but I would like to know if the saw will run it and the best places to get the bars and what kind! Cheers Joe
  13. Just to be a nerd you are aloud to prune trees if you are 9 meters away up to 66kv then its 15 meters above 66kv.
  14. I was wondering if anyone had removed the spark arresters on any of the new husky saws? My questions are did you notice any power difference, I know they sound louder! I use premium fuel now as well to see if that makes any more power! I think it goes better in bigger timber but I am not sure if it is just in my head! Cheers Joe
  15. Used one of Clarks in the woods defiantly one off the best things I have used way less work effort and there not heavy at all! I had a look at the price tag and decided to build one myself ended up costing me £86 so it's saved me a few pennies! Changed a couple off things like the screw valve found they come loose easily!
  16. <p>Cool dude, might see you out there will keep in touch!</p>

  17. Hi Simon, Do you have an email address I could send my c.v to? Thanks Joe
  18. <p>Just got a message saying that the payment had been submitted and now there just seeing if I meet there standards! I think am going to go to Calgary first looking forward to the skiing season if I get the visa, what about you? When are you thinking off going out there dude?</p>


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