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  1. Was kind of thinking that after that accident with the Lorry and the bridge, I bet that runs up to be a big bill. Like everyone was saying you can't hide behind a Ltd company as easy now tho. If in doubt cut it out.
  2. It's actually just a tree surgery so if I was to charge 20% extra on private jobs I would probably price myself out of most of them. Yeah, I am thinking it makes more sense to be a sole trader. I am insured up to 5 million so that should hopefully (touch wood) cover if there was an accident. Worst things worst I would just go back to freelance as I am a decent climber and could always make a living off that. I have got a few meetings with banks this week so I will see how it all goes. Cheers Joe If in doubt cut it out.
  3. Thanks will have a read up about it. If in doubt cut it out.
  4. Will you have one of the Ch37s at the Apf to buy, any special show prices? If in doubt cut it out.
  5. Thanks for the replies, that has cleared a few things up. I wouldn't want to go with the Vat as at the moment it's just private work so know one would want to pay 20% extra. Rbs seem to be doing a good deal at the moment so I might go in for a meeting and see how much smoke they can blow up my arse. If in doubt cut it out.
  6. Thinking of starting up again but this time I have a house and possessions that I wouldn't want to lose. I doubt I would be out of work as a freelance worker and I am not planning on financing anything at the moment. I am swaying more towards the Ltd company but the thing that puts me off is the having to have a business bank accounts (I hate that you have to pay to take your money out). Anyways, does anyone have any experiences with doing this or any advise? Cheers. If in doubt cut it out.
  7. Yeah it sounds like it's worth a shot. Cheers. If in doubt cut it out.
  8. That sounds a bit different, does it work tho Jomoco? If in doubt cut it out.
  9. Gills, sorry there not the best quality. If in doubt cut it out.
  10. Just a quick few, I found the other mushrooms around the base but I am not sure what they are. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  11. A good friend of mine has a lovely copper beech in his garden it will be at least 20m high and have a crown of 12m wide. Just recently Ganoderma has started to show up on the trunk, the tree looks fine but I am a bit worried about the fungus. My question is is there anyway to treat it before it gets worse or is it just hope that the tee fights against it? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  12. Hi, I have been climbing for 6 years and have a bit of knowledge with tree work. I have most tickets from Cs30-42 and UA tickets up to 3 and a SVQ2 in Arboriculture. My question is I have heard of folk doing further education with the ISA but is it a recognised certificate in the UK and which course would you say to do. Cheers Joe
  13. https://enwl-openhire.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.jobinfo&jobid=610&company_id=30099&version=1&source=ONLINE&jobOwner=992275&aid=1
  14. As states, I have a yew tree to take down. It's 24 inches at the base straight as snooker cue and 17m tall. What price would I be looking for the wood?
  15. Has anyone used the tree angel yet for speed lining and stuff? What do you think of it? Is it just a waste of money or is it worth getting? Cheers Joe
  16. Yeah Jon I flew from Newcastle which took an hour then 6 and a half on the way back. I can't believe the torque it has, I had a big MEWP on it the other day and didn't really struggle. Got a few plans for it.
  17. I can't seem to upload the video.
  18. I bought this the other day from Exeter and I sm over the moon with it. I got it off a bloke on here, I think his under adorning or something but I can't find him so if anyone knows he tell him thanks!
  19. I thought it would take a smaller file. Cheers.
  20. Cheers Mark. Which sharpener is it, is it the perscion one? My plan is to get a reel of chain and make four chains up and just sharpen them on a night. Defiantly Oak( qurcus rober)! It has a lovely grain, wait for the later photos there's a bigger peice to mill.


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