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  1. Snowy in Manchester, thought we'd have a bash at using a 10ft pine log as a sledge! [ame] [/ame]
  2. Top suggestion! Get a log over two increasing in height obstacles would be class! That zip line action is quality too. Cheers! Anything else like that hit me with it or better still post it up on our official page. I'd love to get different tree crews racing like that. Perhaps logging up a small pine with axes and crosscut saws before lifting it up and over obstacles, stack and split on other side! https://www.facebook.com/toughlogger/ Were going to have a prize for the best idea. Keep an eye on the page and post yours up its top!
  3. This worked for me too. I also got a husqvarna electric. Still not better but managable.
  4. Funnily enough my elbow is just starting to tweak! I agree with all this "day at the office stuff" but its surprising how good a functional strength base you build up doing the tree action. Im predicting tree fellas will give even some of the top crossfit lads and stongmen doing it a run for their money!
  5. I deffo think theres room for some of that stuff. Whats the score with the rolling? My worry is the old school stuff will be dangerous for newbies. Axe and polesaw anyhow! Were trying to think of other tree theme related challenges that would be more inclusive.
  6. Im hoping a tree person beats all the crossfit beasts!
  7. Im looking for feedback for my new venture. World strongest man meets tough mudder meets logger games! If anyone's got any nice ideas for tree themed challenges I'd be keen to hear them! [ame] [/ame] Cheers Sam
  8. excuse my ignorance on this, Ive never done anything like it really. How do I choose which way to follow the grain? the first log i did I just peeled the bark off and shaved smoothish as i went but there were tufts and bits of splinter left, partly for forestry damage. was going to try arbortec on the bad bits. I just bought an old drawknife and a stone, watched a few youtube vids and sharpened it accordingly but i'l do a more thorough job, leave for a few weeks and ligtly sand maybe. Can anyone link me up with how to wet sand? never heard of that.
  9. I'l get the drawknife sharper and sanding wise, how long do you reckon i'd need to dry them to get it to work without the danish oil as lube?
  10. Yes i noticed the harvester has bit in deep. Ive done a pretty good job of it considering but will try to find some thst have been snedded by hand or maybe so e hardwood lengths. Not sure where i could get those from in greater manchester/northwest. Might put a post up in genral chat. Cheers chaps
  11. Nice one. It dosent need to be a great finish, i just dont want any splinters. Ive got quite a few to go so might try sanding with oil.
  12. Im using some forestry pine logs for a bit of a project and would like to get as smooth a finish as possible on them whilst still green but am struggling a little. Ive Been going at them with a draw knife and theyve peeled well but are still a bit rough. Whats the best way to get them smoother? Finer draw knofe work or try to dry them briefly just enough to sand lightly? How long drying to achieve that i wonder? Cheers Sam
  13. Thanks for all the info, maybe il do some kind of a disclaimer.Im providing it for free unless they are miles away in which case i was just going to ask for fuel.
  14. Hello there A few schools have asked me to drop wood chip for play areas but im a bit worried about the spores/fungi or whatever it is that can cause chest problems? any ideas how to reduce the chance/stop this (besides not giving them chip!)


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