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  1. Old 2 stoke mix is it so bad?

    It's not difficult to empty the tank on a less used bit of kit, it just goes back into combi can. Hard part is judging the moment: Often after I drain it I find I need it again, then don't drain it again "just in case" then completely forget about it and end up with hard to start saw anyway. Definitely noticeable on some of the big or old saws, if put away dry then given fresh fuel later, seem to fire up quicker.
  2. How to crosscut limbs longer than bar length.

    I bet Husqvarna or stihl have a series on youtube with explanation of the crosscutting,the dangerous parts of using the nose of the bar, standing uphill of log when making final cut etc. For simple crosscutting, you can cut twice the length of the amount of bar sticking out clear of the saw. Beyond twice the length, you have to cut a hole to allow your saw in further to the middle uncut bit, or if it's only firewood, cut all round then split some chunks off with your ax or wedges. Just don't dick around with the upper corner of bar nose in any kind of flaky, upward cutting careless way. Also, don't cut around metal barrels or wire etc, metal contact gives the worst kick back and catches a lot of home owners out. Don't get your neck in the way of the saw, or your main arteries.
  3. How much?

    Depending on where it is in UK, how good access for loaders and trucks, how much of it ie numbers of truck loads, how good it is in quality; anywhere between £50-£100/ tonne roadside was the price range last year. Exceptional quality may even be over this range, and of course firewood is at the lower figure.
  4. Felling contractor

    Whereabouts are the oak trees, UK? Which area, thanks.
  5. Roof mount tractor and driven trailer.

    Hello Elfinwood, we use a botex/valtra setup for forestry, the advantages as you say are the road ability plus the pto can make it winch tractor, run other equipment etc. Though this clocks hrs on an expensive service machine which is trade off. Biggest drawbacks I've noticed is poor stability on any ANY sideslope, brash damage to wiring and sensors, hoses underneath and around back axle, and slow crane function when using tractor pump which most are built as. Separate pump or newer high output tractor would be improvement. Only other thing with reverse drive tractor is, although better ergonomics to kneeling over a county seat, it's a little cramped facing rearwards for day after day forwarding compared to a purpose built machine or 360* etc, personally gives me indigestion some days hunched up in there over rear valve block, particularly in thinnings where you're peering out side windows etc. Botex new wider frame looks interesting in that respect When we bought ours they were having trouble with the armrest style joysticks they were using at the time and when i asked for them i was warned away from them, since then apparently they using better ones with greater reliability, this would improve the ergonomics. Think the sideslope issue is the biggest hurdle, that makes me want to go to purpose built. They can't handle anything even slightly sideways. Cheers
  6. Full wrap handle

    Hey Shavey, do you get any to fit stihl? Cheers
  7. Stihl 075 shroud wanted

    Morning, My wife went to PO yesterday and posted it to you. You may receive it today possibly? It came in as a "medium" parcel so 1st class was £8.95. Cheers, John
  8. Hayfever

    https://www.avogel.co.uk/herbal-remedies/luffa-tincture/ I've had bad hay fever since 1977 the day I ran across a wheat field chasing a tractor that happened to be spraying the field at the time. Had 2 years of a 3 year trial of some new hayfever-cure injections as a child that stopped because too many kids swelled up and who knows what, didn't do anything to me, perhaps I was the control. Had antihistamines, lately loratadine, blue inhaler, brown ones, cream ones, eye drops, nose spray, all sorts of fun. Quitting being a spraying contractor made life a lot easier, but it wasn't until I packed in the hay baling contracting that I could stop wearing the mask. Then last spring, just as I was contemplating what antihistamine to go for this year (which always make me drowsier that normal), my wife bless her presented me with this little bottle of something herbal. Because she cares, and means well, I didn't laugh at her and say something about it being as effective as tap water, I said I'd give it a go. Luffa. Tastes like very watered down whisky when put in water. After all these years of sneezing, red eyes, wheezing, last year I had almost no symptoms of hay fever. So this year I'm having this Luffa stuff again, so far so good! So much better than all those little white pills, puffers, eyedrops! Can't believe it works, maybe it just cleared up on it's own? Haven't really pushed my luck- eg running through a hay field as it's being tedded, but can get away with brushcutting stinging nettles in flower, something that would have floored me previous years. Really no hay fever symptoms so long as I remember to take it morning and evening. Apologies for long post!
  9. stihl 362

    In the last year a colleague of mine has swapped from 2 problematic 9month old 362c over to 2x 560, happy at beginning, 6 months both had seized, another 6 months and same thing again, he has couple of 361 etc in truck with him while the "fleet" of newer stuff rotates in and out of shop being fixed... Seems that 60cc saws are in doldrums, shame as we find them useful size all rounder in forestry. Good weight, almost enough power to satisfy. Need a 70cc that weighs 6kg...
  10. stihl 362

    As said, early 362 reliable and pretty good saw really, having ours crank seals done next to keep it going. Want to keep it going because it has good 60cc power, whereas the newer 362C as monkey business said, has not been as straightforward. Low power after about 6 months use, etc. Though I now wonder if this is due to confusion over the starting procedure with the switch. Seems it needs to be all the way down in the "choke" position EVERY time it is cranked, as the computer can then manage it all from there. Doing this seems to have improved it's power.
  11. Stihl 075 shroud wanted

    Have boxed up the shroud, muffler and oiler. Will get it posted either today or tomorrow. I can post you an invoice then, £25 plus vat, plus postage. Standard 1st class package ok, or do you want recorded, signed for, anything like that? Cheers, John.
  12. Stihl 075 shroud wanted

    Email sent. Let me know if you want them, and I'll get them boxed up.
  13. Stihl 075 shroud wanted

    Email sent. What's wrong with your shroud, looks ok in that picture above. This one is intact and the holes look pretty true, just a bit dusty and faded. Might polish up!
  14. Stihl 075 shroud wanted

    Hunter, I got one, looks same apart from the single hole your picture has just behind the scalloped channel where the spark plug spanner goes. PM me your email or phone no. and I'll send you a few pictures. I haven't managed to find a way to post pictures yet from this phone... John
  15. Stihl 075 shroud wanted

    Think I have that part, will have a look when I get there this morning.


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